Cherry on Top: Tribute to a Not So Lovely Day


Don’t you just love the sweetest toppers on lovely days? Aside from a million and one things on my mind in my personal and professional life right now, I just had to add four more! Right after a long and super busy work day, a cop pulled me over on my way to my son’s flag football practice in 5:00 traffic. The terrific cop so generously gifted me with not one, but four tickets! (likely because I was less than a scared sweetheart).

He was in front of me and dropped behind me to pull me over because I have “a cracked windshield.” (ticket 1) Lovely right? He made me put my driver’s side window up and down a bunch of times and then whipped out a little square machine. Putting it on my window he exclaimed… “Ah ha. Just as I thought! You have illegal tint on these windows!” (ticket 2) I said “I bought this 4-runner in 1998. It’s old. I’m sure it wasn’t illegal at the time, and in all the times I’ve been pulled over, no one has ever bothered to mention that.”

Ticket 3 and 4 were legitimate. Of course I had my new insurance card and registration paperwork at home on the counter, so I couldn’t hand them over. Great place for them ha? I’m just lucky like that! When the cop pimped a cocky stroll back to my runner with my gifts in hand he said “you want the good news or the bad news first?” I’m sure I didn’t have a look on my face which screamed “I feel like playing games with you,” so I went ahead and said “whatever. It’s already been a lovely day.”

I got handed four pieces of crisp white paper (hot off the mobile police printing press~yeayyyy) and two court dates. Great ha?! When I got to practice, my mother-in-law said he “just wanted to pull a pretty girl over.” If there is one thing about me, I don’t flirt with just anybody… especially to get out if a ticket. That’s pathetic to expect a woman to do so, and pathetic for a woman to do. Did he really use a little machine to check my tint? Unbelievable. Last time I was pulled over, the cop told me if I was nicer, I would have gotten a break. Ommmm. Neah.

While I was getting a ticket for my tint, I swear I saw a man robbing a 1/5 of whiskey from the gas station I was stopped in front of. I understand that business is business though. I guess the cops have to solve the bigger problems that really matter like dark tint and cracked windshields on old 4-runners. The other two tickets should be dismissed because I do have insurance and my registration. Oh and his good news was “you aren’t getting your vehicle towed.” God bless him. What an angel ha?!

Just #GiveMeTheTickets with a big fat #CherryOnTop of my already awesome day officer!!! These are the days when I need people who love me. You know… the people who love my body, but keep me in mind and heart? These are the days when I need love to get me through.

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6 Comments on “Cherry on Top: Tribute to a Not So Lovely Day”

  1. amaya911 Says:

    Aww what a day! Sorry! I’m sure tomorrow has to be better.

  2. gh0stpupp3t Says:

    Some cops just like to play mind games… never mind that crap. *hugs*

  3. Blah. They don’t make money stopping robberies, they make money stoping cars. And that’s what it’s all about…money for the state. Well, money and power over others, of course. Not all cops are like that but how many like that are there? If you are unfortunate enough to get one of them…well, you have the kind of experience that you had and then you need a cupcake.

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