Deposit on the Magic


I am really excited because I officially have an appointment with Leo Gonzales. He is a tattoo artist I went to school with and I was friends with his brother. On Friday I went to Albuquerque for some fun, but my first stop was to see Leo at Stay Gold on Yale. I gave Leo a deposit to reserve his first available spot which isn’t until June!!! He is a seriously popular artist with mad skills. I don’t even think he takes walk-ins!?

The tat will be a retouch/addition. He designed and inked the wizard on my left shoulder blade years ago. For more about my wizard tat and Leo, see these two posts. I spent some time explaining what I wanted… You know? “A magical, smoky, tribalish design with some skin showing through… coming off the wizard onto my tri and curling just right on my front delt while not covering my awesome trap!” Sounds easy enough right?!

I know he will kill it when he blesses me with his skills again!! Fingers crossed that someone will cancel and the hunt for more hot racer backs for the gym! When Mike asked Leo if he needed more than one sitting he looked at me and said… “it depends how much you can take?” Well… I can take a lot. I had to remind him that I sat through 5 hours straight the first time. He said he has gotten much faster, but it will take at least 4 or 5 more hours.

I can’t wait!!! šŸ™‚

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