Deadlifting in the Dark

“People often believed they
were safer in the light, thinking
monsters only came out at
night. But safety–like light–
is a facade.”
~~~~C.J. Roberts, Captive in
the Dark (The Dark Duet, #1)


Doomsday (Injustice: Gods Among Us)~ this monstrous supervillain is an ancient Kryptonian with superhuman strength, speed, endurance and agility. He is an invulnerable member of the Suicide Squad with the ability to camouflage himself.

I got an unbelievably awesome workout today!! My deadz keep going up and I love it. The gym was packed when I got there. The power completely went out and didn’t turn back on. That meant that the excuse makers trickled out and only the die hards remained.

I thought about the symbology of darkness as I morphed into an iron monster. Maybe I was Doomsday today? I sure as hell felt like it! I was strong and fearless. I guess the dark is a little dangerous!? I did bump my head on a pull down bar and got a big ole bump! The bump didn’t stop me though.

I’m on a mission that no force can stop!!!

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