Deadlifts! Do they matter?

My answer is… Yes! Of course deadlifts matter!!! And yes indeed this is a lift that you can’t fake. It isn’t a lift for lazy people. If you aren’t deadlifting, squatting and benching, do you even lift LoL? That is the real question!! Good write up Busch and excellent photo showing strict form Karnes!!

VIES Magazine


Written by:  Kevin Busch     Photo by:  Amber Karnes

Deadlifts are of those exercises that you either love or hate.  However, the question that remains is… are they important for your goals?  Well to answer that you have to first figure out what your goals are.  If you’re on the road to becoming a power lifter, then sorry to say, deadlifts are vital for your training.  If you’re an average person, just looking to get a decent workout, or you’re a body builder looking to add muscle, then deadlifts may not be on your list of priorities.  In these cases, don’t be too hasty to cut this lift out.  Let’s take a look at benefits of deadlifting.

#1 – Deadlifts Teach You To Lift Properly

Now, before going any further with this one we first need to stress the fact that only proper form on the…

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