You know the air is
thick with this…
leaves us breathless
once again.
A crushing gasp for
stars and haze,
our back draft always
seems to win.

You know my breath
as I know yours…
it’s called
carcinogenic lust.
Secure my mask,
first kiss my lips,
then take me under
if you must.

You know it well…
this fiery dance
for smoke quickly
fills our dream.
Running your
tongue across my
chest to wipe
away the steam.

You know we’re
breathless…out of air.
It’s a toxically
alluring fantasy.
Remove my mask
and feel the heat.
Consume the
sexiness of we.

by Felicia Lujan

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3 Comments on “Breathless”

  1. JMC813 Says:

    Exceptional write F.

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