Carnival Sickness


Yesterday we took my son, my nephew and his friend to the carnival. D had been bugging to go since the stinkin’ rides went up! It doesn’t help that we have to pass by every time we go into town. Some of my cousins were there and it is always nice to see those gals. They crack me up and my cousin Val has the cutest little baby with the softest skin ever. I didn’t know when to stop touching her cheeks! I’m accustomed to little boys, which I do love. I’m more of a rugged gal even though I can girl up with the best of ’em.


The carnival was fun for a few minutes, but between two rides, the smell and look of disgusting fried food, people eating that crap like it was from Whole Foods, and my CNS being tapped from deadlifting, I felt like throwing up and passing out!! There was another guy there who was at the gym when we were. It’s rather packed all weekend now because summer is coming. Mike told him to get a funnel cake (teasing him) and he said “that would mean all the work we did this morning would be for nothing!” Ain’t that the truth?


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