Feel It Later


••Photo by D••

Over the years I have sustained most of my injuries in the gym. I spend a lot of time there and have been training for so many years that injury there is natural. I’ve been on crutches, had stitches on my head, blisters on my hands, a small hernia, and of course I’ve had pulled muscles, been bruised, scratched up and had other wounds.

Most people who are serious about training get injured. No… weights have never fallen on me. Injuries are part of the battle though, and in the gym, I go to war. Now that D is older, I have my own personal cheerleader. While I was training today, he took a picture of my hand. He made me pause my music to tell me that my hand “looked gross” because there was blood. These aren’t girly looking hands~ that’s for sure.

After I hit a super hard chest and bi workout, I did cardio and abs. While I was running, I busted my knuckle open again. It’s the second time I’ve done it by slamming my fist into the treadmill. No… I don’t stop because of injury. I keep going. I can feel the pain later!!! My son is cute. He should know the last thing I’m worried about in the gym is having pretty hands. At least he liked my workout though!!

D sent me these texts while I was working out. I never have my phone out while I’m hitting it, but he told me to check it when I was finishing up. He already knows the routine. He’s so funny. I love that little man. *kid takes photo of his mom’s ugly, iron beaten hands* 


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2 Comments on “Feel It Later”

  1. CurvyElvie aka Elvira Jorge Says:

    I admire your tenacity. If it were me I probably would think that the gym was out to get me.

    • ~Felicia~ Says:

      Hahaaaaa… You are 2 cute. 😉 Maybe you are just writing a poem from home and that is why you aren’t at the gym!?! You are out yo get those words E 😉 ~~~F

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