Doze TRAPZ Doe


••BRADLEY MARTYN•• Forget da beard. Doze trapz doe♥•• "Swolefie" from the Twitter page of @BradleyMartyn

On Sunday my nephew went to the gym with us to train legs. I actually worked chest and bi, but Rico got a good workout in with Mike. I teased him the night before after the worst boxing match of the century about getting ready to “hit the big boy gym.” I gotta say… he pulled it off well. I was proud of him. He didn’t complain once, squatted 275 for a couple of reps, did several sets, and asked for more on the hack squats. Rico also noted my extreme game face and said “I don’t mess around.”

After the gym, we went to the grocery store. As he and I browsed the veggies, we talked about training. He asked me if I had heard of 1,000 rep workouts and I told him yes. He had no clue that I’m obsessed with traps when he started talking about shrugs. Well you know what that led to right? I had to explain my obsession with trap muscles. Clearly, I’m weird. If you Google “sexy trapezius,” you’ll see that woman are usually disgusted by these muscles. I march to the beat of my own drum anyhow.

The best part of this story came after I explained my love of traps to Rico. I told him I wanted bigger traps. He looked at me curiously and said “big traps?” I said “yes.” Then he said “big traps like Mikey?” I laughed, pulled off my jacket, flexed my traps hard and said “no, big traps like mine Rico.” His eyes got wide with surprise and then he stepped backward without looking and tripped the lady behind him.

It was so funny! I said “see… that’s what happens when you see massive traps.” We both laughed.

trapezius muscle • n.
tra·pe·zi·us • (trə-pē’zē-əs)
A muscle with origin from the superior nuchal line, the external occipital protuberance, the nuchal ligament, the spinous processes of the seventh cervical and thoracic vertebrae, with insertion into the lateral third of the posterior surface of the clavicle, the medial side of the acromion, and the upper border of the spine of the scapula, with nerve supply from the accessory nerve and the cervical plexus, and whose action draws the head to one side or backward and rotates the scapula.

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