“The love for Iron”

Love this…


I still remember that day, the sound of distant thundering, dark overcast sky and deserted streets and alleys owing to the anticipated inundation. A day that changed my life a big way-physically ,mentally and emotionally. Ignoring the possible downpour, I rode to Talwalkars fitness studio in my new Royal Enfield classic 350 and signed up for an annual membership. Little did I know that day that fitness would change my life forever and here I am sharing the experience of my near 540 day journey and as to how it helped me to become a better person.

The first few months of gymming was a desperate bid to battle the loneliness and kill time, for my life was at its nadir cloyed with insecurity. In an effort to keep myself occupied, I was training twice a day with cardiovascular exercise in the morning and weight training later in the day…

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