Shit Just Got Real


•Meme by Felicia•

I have been working really hard in the gym. Some may say… Why bother if you never plan on competing? I guess it crosses my mind sometimes, but I always tell myself I’m just doing it for me and that I probably don’t have what it really takes to get there. I think stories like the one I’m about to share confirm that others who have seen me in action in the gym may feel like I could at least try.

I know I could work toward competition if I wanted to. I have the heart and mind to do it. I guess I’ve just never wanted it bad enough. Honestly, I’ve thought more about powerlifting competitions than bikini competitions, which wins zero points with the men… but it does confirm that I am doing this for me. Both types of competitions take dedication, which I undoubtedly have.

I guess my main goal has always been to be super strong and fearless with the iron. My goal has been simple. I want to shock people with strength and power rather than turn heads in a thong and heels. I am a weird woman it seems, but I’m being honest with myself. After all these years, I can say that I have met that goal. I constantly strive for improvement even though there is only so much my body can physically take.

So now my story… A few days ago in the gym, I was tapped by a man who isn’t from New Mexico but lives here now. We have been training simultaneously for months. He told me he wanted to show me a picture of his daughter. She had just taken 1st place in a national competition. We discussed competing and I told him “nawww, I’m old to compete.” Turned out his daughter is just three years younger than I. Keep in mind he looks good for his age so I was shocked to learn he had a daughter my age (working out is the true fountain of youth).

I had a longer than usual chat with he and a former female professional bodybuilder who chimed in and then I went back to work. My cogs were spinning while I hit it and I felt like he was telling me something. Before I left the gym. I told him I would write about it. I took his sharing of his daughter’s photo with me as a compliment. I promised I would not share his name or profession online for security reasons, but I will say he has a *very* important job and I highly respect his opinion because he knows first hand about putting in work!

This was a pic of a sticker I loved on the vehicle of “Mr. Forged” a while back. What were my last words to “Mr. Forged?” I told him “you basically told me to grab my balls today. I like that!” He seemed shocked that I said that then he laughed. I said “yeah… I have some.” It is great when people see something in me that maybe I don’t even see in myself.

He thought I planned to compete someday. I don’t plan on it, but it feels good to think that people think I could if I wanted to. Couldn’t help but think… shit just got real. What he sees in me is heart, sweat, and tears.

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