Who Am I? Rack Your Weights or Beware of the Angry Woman


There is a significant amount of mental preparation involved when deadlift day rolls around. I get sweaty palms and I feel anxious as I start drifting to that far away place. I’d say part of my pre-lifting ritual involves pissing myself off. Maybe having people I don’t like around helps tick me off? It helps!! I will say that some people drive me to push the beast out much harder and much faster.

Stepping into the hex bar today, I quickly realized I would be in a non-friendly lifting competition with another woman. She was on the squat rack pretending she was my friendly neighbor and I was on the next rack over for deadz. Over the years, said woman has done everything possible to make most people in the gym dislike her. She presented a challenge (not I) and she went at it, but I went harder.

We both started with a warm up by stretching it out and using just the bars. When we began the push/pull process, each of us took turns incrementally stacking the weights on. She squatted… I deadlifted… She squatted… I deadlifted. She watched me. I watched her. My mind screamed “let’s do this,” and I’m sure she saw fire in my eyes. “Keep going,” I thought… “You wanted this, now be ready to bring it!”

On her last set she loaded a plate on each side. I waited to see if she would move up because I had passed her at a plate and a quarter. She took the plate down strict for 6 and I pulled a plate and a quarter up strict for 12. Then she headed across the gym to hit hams. I did a few more sets to show her who runs shit because I had a feeling she wouldn’t come back. She stayed watching though.

At this point I don’t have to say that she avoided the squat rack like the plague. I won that comp… hands down! I was burning. I already felt like punching her in the face when I realized she never put the plates on the squat rack away. Why did I care? Well… lately I’ve been noticing that woman load weights and don’t put them away. It bothers me. I’m sure men do it too, but I don’t notice. It really ticks me off.


At this point I’m thinking “if this chick doesn’t take those plates off, I’m going to walk over there and tell her something.” Why should women get away with doing that? If you want to lift… LIFT and quit being a lazy lifter. When I’m working out and the power hour which follows my workout, are the scariest times of the day to talk to me. I have serious guts, feel extremely cocky and I’m brutally honest.

It wasn’t enough that I had already taken her to church, I had to approach her about the weights. I could feel my skin getting red when I made my way over to her and her sorry excuse for a leg press. My lips wanted to spread and say… “Are you seriously using wraps for that shit? Please!” I held that in and said… “When you’re done with the squat rack, I need to use it for rack pulls.” That was my diplomatic way of saying put your shit away.

Have you ever seen the look on someone’s face when they are trying to act totally confused, but you know damn well they are lying? Yeah… It was that look. She said… “Ha? I’m done there now. I don’t know who’s that is?” Without hesitation and with an I’m seriously set to kick your teeth in from this high angle look on my face I said… “the weights are yours.” I stayed looking in her eyes. People hate that! How could she deny that she had put the stupid little pad on the bar to protect her tiny traps?


For a moment I grew nervous thinking she would challenge me. In that split second, I hoped not one ounce of doubt was visible on my face. Before that thought was lost she said… “I’ll put them away.” No time after that, there was not a trace of the 45z or the pad. I was like… “that’s what I thought LoL.” Call me a gym bully, but I’m not. If you knew her you would understand. It takes a lot to get on the side that brings the mean me out.

There are two points to this story.

•••1) If you want to challenge me in the gym, don’t be surprised if I make you eat that challenge with a cherry on top.

•••2) If you challenge me in the gym and don’t put your weights away, beware the Red She Hulk. I’m really not sure what she’s capable of.
Check out this video posted by “BUFF DUDES.” I love it. It’s titled “GYM CRIMES~ Worst People You’ll Meet at the Gym.

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