Fit No Matter What

On Monday I was only able to get in a bit of fitness time while hiking around a petroglyph preserve. That meant that I had to workout today! I have a lot of stuff going on at work through the end on the fiscal year, so making time for the gym on some days will be next to impossible! That won’t stop me though. I’ve come a long way to take any steps backward.

Fitness is also important to relieve stress. Last night it rained hard all night, but today it was beautiful after work so I hit it outside. Not long ago I collected a bunch of great weights. I thought I was approved to have a workout space outside at work. For “liability reasons,” that fell through. One day state government officials must realize that a healthy workforce would save money and improve productivity.


•••Stiff Legged Deadlifts•••

I ended up with the back end of my 4 runner filled with weights after that. I brought the weights home to the already existing outdoor fitness spot. Today was leg day, so I hit it outside and got in a decent workout. I rep’ed it out with squats, plié dumbbell squats, lunges, wall sits, calve raises, leg extensions, stiff legged deadz, and hamstring curls. It was a good workout and I needed it.

Today my boss told everyone at our meeting that she had a dream I had my own fitness show on TV. I wish lol~ I thought it was straight comedy that my addiction is infringing upon her dream world! I loved it!! My comment to everyone was “you know I’m a fitness addict if she can dream that right?!” *Lots of Laughs*

Read the article in the “Healthy Living” section of the Huffington Post ~~ “Outdoor Exercise: Health Benefits Of Working Out Outside. This article is a good read. It is so important to stay fit no matter what!!


•••Cleaned up the outdoor spot today after a good leg workout. This is a small weight bench, but there is an Olympic bench on the other side•••

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