The Good, the Bad and the Bicep

“If a woman can’t have
everything she needs, at
least she can have a
good gun show! That’s
all that matters anyway
right? Yup… big guns.”


•••My right arm with Deadpool in the back and Superman and Wonder Woman sharing a fake ass kiss on my shirt lol. He knows he needs his Poison.~ May 2015•••

Well…the results are in. I took photos on Saturday (before I hit the gym)! In late March, I started a tough training plan intended to grow my biceps more in 6-8 weeks. Read my post~ Friday Night Pump for a look back at my thoughts at that time. I will say that the plan worked.

These photos clearly demonstrate success and I am happy about it. I have created a (one year) bi photo progression. There are some consequences tied to overtraining smaller muscles though. I would highly suggest supplementing with glucosamine and omega3 if you try the plan I did.


•••HAS IT GROWN? Here's my one year photo progression. More veins in my forearms too!!!•••

Here’s a link to the article in Physical Culturist by Clay Hyght. The Complete Guide to Biceps Training triggered my plan. For 6 weeks, I hit my biceps on three non-consecutive days per week and they did grow. I did tons of hammers, preachers, reverse, and barbell to the nose curls.

The article is a good read. It discusses the importance of the brachialis to maximize the peak. My peak grew a tiny bit, but the width of my arm and the length of my bicep changed more. According to Hyght, this is the beginning of a higher peak. I’m on my way to a bigger peak.

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