No More Baby Shit!


While I warmed up in the gym today, I heard a distant voice that sounded very familiar. I followed it and was like… “Maya?” It turns out she’s a new face in my home away from home. I’ve known her since middle school. She introduced me to another gal and two guys she was training with. She’s funny.

Turns out her friend Victoria works at Anytime Fitness, but they have actually been working out at Mandrill’s in the evenings for a couple of months. It was her first Sunday in the big girl gym and I was happy to welcome her! Maya said “yeah… It was time to ditch that baby shit!” [meaning Anytime Fitness] I laughed and told her “that means you’re ready.”

She and Victoria hit legs and I hit chest and bi. When we finished our workouts and walked out of the gym, I told her “no more baby shit.” She said “nope!” Hahaaha~ I love it!! These two women were very inspirational to see in action!! Love it!!

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