How Do You Know When You’re Ready?


•••Luisita "Louise" Leers~ an infamous strong woman who was a German circus acrobat. She was born Luise Krokel in October of 1909 in Wiesbaden.•••

When you can plan a week of workouts without missing anything on the A-chain or the P-chain.

When you know which muscles are actually on the A-chain and the P-chain.

When you don’t have the layout of your local liquor store memorized.

When your recycling consists of PurePro cans and not Bud Light cans.

When having a hangover means you puke after deadlifts, not after a party.

When you are ready to move off the sweat less cardio onto the gym floor.

When you stop talking about going back to the gym and start committing to it.

When you care more about being mentally and physically strong and complain less about being weak.

When being average is no longer good enough and far from an option.

When you allow nobody… I mean nobody to hold you back.

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