Omg!!! Anonymous!!!

In April of 2012, I wrote an important piece titled Blood Diamonds: Tragic Riches. I have never been a woman who is obsessed with diamonds and gold rings and things, and in that piece I explain why. It is important to learn about and women should beware of conflict diamonds. 

I can’t say how honored I am that the Anonymous Headquarters is now featuring the digital composite I created for that piece in 2012 on their web site. They have used my digital composite to coincide with an article they published this year about blood diamonds! Awesome!!!!!

Anons first won me over when they launched Operation Darknet in 2011, but what they did to help that 16 year old girl in the 2013 Steubenville rape case against football players was straight heroic. I really think it is awesome that they picked up my composite to go along with yet another weighty problem.


•••Created by Felicia in 2012•••


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