Meghan: Missing a Friend

Tonight I’m thinking about my friend Meghan as she treks across El Camino de Santiago. She started in Lisbon with her mother and is on day 5 on the Camino Portugués. Today she is in Portugal and she is heading to Santiago. From what I could find online, it seems they will be walking about 300 miles. Her journey is inspiring! She even tied the symbolic shell to her backpack.


•••Meghan...Day 4 on the camino.•••

I’m going to miss working with Meghan. I have had the chance to get to know her well and I’m really glad I met such a wonderful woman. I included some photos we took together on a site visit for work last month. We visited New Mexico’s largest petroglyph preserve, known as Mesa Prieta. The private preserve is a magical place and around 7500 years ago, Archaic people began carving pictures into these basalt surfaces.

Meghan and I had a great time that day. We both learned so much about how petroglyphs were made, how they are documented today, and the digitization project that this non-profit organization is working on. It was mind-blowing. We spent the larger part of the day with a very knowledgeable archaeologist. Our conversation was interesting. I love to learn and asked many, many, many questions.

I’m really glad Meghan and I got to spend that day together before she left my agency. There is nothing like having like minded friends when we are finding “the way.”  It reminds us that every single person we meet on our personal and professional journey will teach us something because we are meant to meet them. From Meghan I have learned how to stay inspired… how to stay smiling… and how to stay brave.


•••Meghan Bayer and Felicia Lujan visit the mesa.•••

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4 Comments on “Meghan: Missing a Friend”

  1. Sandra Says:

    That looks like an amazing day . . . I have wanted to walk the Camino since i went to school in spain, oh, in 1984. Some day. In the meantime, maybe I’ll make you drag me to the Mesa Prieta (is it held by Santa Ana?)

  2. Meghan Says:

    Aaaaah, Felicia! Thank you so much for such a sweet post. You made me cry… again! haha. I am really glad we got to spend that day together too.
    I miss you! I’m back now so let’s plan to have lunch or get together. xoxo

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