Dat Calf Doe: The Rainy Day Silver Lining

“The paradise in women is
not the v-shape manipulation
between their legs, or the two
lovely bombs, set on their bosom
that can blast any strong, holy
spirit filled individual, but that
part of her that cannot be
described, yet can only be felt.”
••••~Michael Bassey Johnson

Feeling sick today and on top of that, my team is likely not set to take it in the NBA Finals. My stomach hurts, but during halftime I caught a glimpse of my calf in the television light and they are growing which makes me very happy! Yeayyyyy!! Today I pushed through my leg workout like the MVP in that bia… even though. I’m resting up and feeling thankful for a silver lining on this rainy night. Calves are shaping up, but it’s what is inside me that counts!


•••My Left Calf•••

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