King this Queen!

“My crown is called
content, a crown that
seldom kings enjoy.”
~~•William Shakespeare


••Saturday and Monday Night Dinners~ Meals Fit for a Queen Who Has Been Kinged••

I have been so happy to go back to the gym on Saturdays. Iron keeps me crowned and content. Without it, I would surely die… or just get super feeble and weak with really tiny traps. Yeah… that is basically a torturous death. It is a sad truth. I have been using both Saturday and Sunday to hit two major body parts. This weekend, on Saturday I hit back and Sunday was chest.

Saturday was an amazing day for me in the gym. I pulled my PB on hammer strength, iso-lateral rows. I also alternated the rows, making the PB that much greater! On my last two sets, I hit two plates on each side for 12 reps… which means… my 1RM would easily be three plates on each side! Hands down, I’d challenge any woman in my gym to match that! Maybe even some men!?

After the gym, we seriously maxed out on some protein from Whole Foods. I was like… “king this queen!” That night was indeed a protein overload. We grilled steaks and corn I made pesto shrimp scampi and tequila lime scallops. Tonight I made an awesome stir fry with the leftovers! I just added some fresh, Espanola grown sweat peas I picked up at WF for some crunch! It doesn’t take much to keep me happy. Food+Iron=Love

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