I Missed You!!


~Lunch... gym time at noon to run for 20 minutes straight... After work... Outdoor strength training... back day... Deadz, seated rowz, good morningz, and dumbbell back flyz.~

I did a ton of walking and even a good bit of swimming last week and over the weekend in Texas, but no weight training. I also ate way to much while I was in Austin and by Sunday, I felt terrible. Disgusting actually. I could never eat like that all the time nor could I forget about weight training. It is such a part of me that I absolutely need it.

Of course I came back to a three day slew of back to back (all day) meetings after the cheat fest! Just my luck! Not a prob~ I decided that I would hit a straight week of lunch time cardio and then weight train when I get home. I’m committing to three stricter than usual months with regard to clean food, cardio and strength training.

I missed you so much iron. I love you and I refuse to live without endorphins!

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