Two Beasts Visiting Mandrill’s Gym

OhhhMaaaGawd!!! I just found out that Dana Linn Bailey and Rob Bailey are coming to train at my gym on either September 13th or 14th from 12-3! I’m so there! I will take the 14th off if I have to! They are on their Flag nor Fail Tour. They only selected one New Mexico gym to make an appearance at and it is Mandrill’s!! Go figure! Even the pros know that Santa Fe runs shit.


DLB was the 1st woman to become a professional physique competitor (NPC and IFBB)! She was also the 1st woman to win the physique competition during Ms. Olympia (2013)!! In 2014, she placed 2nd. DBL was on the June 2015 cover of Muscular Development magazine where she was called “The Baddest Bitch in the Gym.” Damn… I thought that was my title?! She made an appearance on American Ninja Warrior this year, but didn’t get that far on the course. She’s still a bad bitch though.

Her husband will be here too! He is also a bodybuilder and photographer who makes music with producer Charlie Hustle. They have mashed-up all genres under the name Ron Bailey and the Hustle Standard from 2012 to 2015. It is all workout music with names like Beast, What I Live For, Run This, I’m Not Done, Go Forever, Plan My Attack, Hold Strong, Hungry, and Never Settle! If you have watched any workout videos, it is highly likely that you have heard this stuff. Beast seems to be the most popular.

Anyhow… Can’t wait to get a chance to not only meet these two, but actually watch them lift!! It should be an awesome and exciting experience. Finally… someone worth a hell will be there for a photoshoot!

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