Dana Linn Bailey and Rob Visit Mandrill’s Gym


Well… Today was the day. It was total mayhem in my gym with a working visit from Dana Linn Bailey, her husband Rob and their team. We are always hitting it on Sundays at the time the Flag Nor Fail tour was scheduled to visit. Early reports pegged her visit for Monday, but they showed today. The regulars were training hard as usual, but there were plenty of new faces just lurking around the gym today like muscle groupies. There were lots of cameras snapping. It was packed.

I finished up my workout just as they arrived at noon. It was fun to hang out after for a few and watch her team train chest and back. I drank my protein shake and took pics. She benched 225 for two reps. Dana unsuccessfully attempted a third and her husband pulled it off her. While she psyched herself out to push two plates, I looked at my friends and said “how many do you think she’ll push?” They weren’t sure, but I called three and she almost got it up as crowd watched and cheered her on. 

Here are some recent posts from her Instagram page and photographs I took at the gym today. She is pretty awesome, aside from all the stone faced hoopla, but I get it!


•💪The Bailey's Flag Nor Fail adventure rig parked outside Mandrill's Gym💪•


•💪Felicia (me) and my friend Elaine💪•



•💪Felicia (me) and my friend Cheryl💪•


•💪A big ole crowd behind Dana and the Bailey's training back💪•


•💪Dana preparing to bench 225 and her nice ass💪•

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4 Comments on “Dana Linn Bailey and Rob Visit Mandrill’s Gym”

  1. SpartanDaddy Says:

    Haha! Glad you included the ass pic! So cool to have big names take time out of their day to help others! Kudos to everyone!

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