Love and Loss

We are always crushed when we have to part ways with what we love. It feels like I’m being gutted from the inside out… like part of my soul has been erased… like I’ve died a million deaths… like a huge black hole has swallowed my tiny heart. Writers always speak metaphorically. It is often beyond the grasp of a basic thought process. Metaphors allow me to speak in tongues and code my life and your life as I see fit. My smashed, totalled 4runner is a metaphor for loss despite love.

It is all a cycle… love and hate… happiness and sadness… life and death… loss and gain. Sometimes those things we perceive as being valuable, actually mean absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things. The value of real love and happiness is all that matters when we are facing death. Who really cared when I was facing death? What really matters when you face a potential end? Measure it as we may, but there will never be value in valueless things.

I was crushed when I had to part ways with the 4runner I loved so much. It almost killed me. If there is one thing I’ve learned through all this accident trauma, it is this… People are people, they are either there for you or they aren’t. Cars are cars, they either last or they don’t. Love is love, it either lives or dies. Maybe some love is meant to be lost? Maybe only then can we understand true value?


••Meet my new illusion of value and love. It is my 2016 Cadillac SRX. I guess I can find it in my tiny, crushed, bruised, broken heart to fall for bass and bluetooth for my iPod, a push button start, dual exhaust, and the leather interior that laces Cadillac's best selling model since 2010 that turns into a rolling wifi hot spot. I guess lol.••

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2 Comments on “Love and Loss”

  1. Enjoy your new ride…but I know how you feel about letting go of your last car.

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