Lemme Guess


~Following up my leg workout on Sunday with hyperextentions for stretching, strengthening and spinal decompression~

Lately I’ve been more than the usual firework in the gym. I can’t think of something that pisses me off more than a woman who doesn’t put her weights away. I’ve never really seen men do that, so I can say without a doubt that it is 99% women who are guilty of this laziness. Why do I turn into an extremely evil beast when a woman does this? I get even more ticked off when her ridiculously whipped man servant trails behind racking her shit (and no she’s not fine). I don’t let any man rack my weights. If I use it, I put it back. That’s part of lifting ladies!!

I got mad about this not long ago and felt like rolling someone, but on Sunday, I literally felt like breaking someone’s face. I scare myself in the gym sometimes. I guess my irritation with said group of 4 individuals started not this past Sunday, but last. There are two couples that have been going in together on Sundays now. Last Sunday, these two lady clowns were in the corner taking pictures of each other bent over doing stiff legged deadlifts with less than average weights and poor form. It takes a real friend to take pictures of you bent over ha? In all my years and all my gym pics, I’ve never done that!!

That said, I decided to get into a friendly competition with the one clown who had the guts to challange me during a leg workout. She was working legs too (as usual~ like the majority of women in the gym who lack upper body strength). I actually think her man servant pushed her to match me, but she got smoked. I had 4 plates on the leg press when her minion came over to load the same for her while he looked at me. She got on and did it for 10.

I recognized the challenge, hit 4 for 25 then threw on 2 more plates. Bendy chick summoned her boy and he matched me. I pushed 6 plates for 20 and she got it for 12. I think she should have realized that moving to 8 would be her final valiant move. Both of us had 8 plates on the leg press. I got it for 15 and she got it for 8. She then slapped two dimes on and I laughed. Feeling extremely cocky, I put on not a dime, but 2 more 35z and two quarters. There was no way for her. She backed down and watched me push 480 pounds for 12.

After that, I decided I’d ask her if she was done with the weights she had left out. Seems polite of me right? Ahhhh… not so much! She had left the squat rack loaded and weights all over the floor. I thought… So help me God, if she leaves the leg press loaded, I am seriously going to break her!!! The second I actually opened my mean mouth to bendy chick, her man servant was there by me unloading the squat rack while she unloaded the leg press. Since he bugged me, I turned to him and said “are you using these?” Clearly he wasn’t.

One day I seriously may end up in a fist fight and I would totally win. I get that ticked off in there sometimes. Needless to say that when those four left this Sunday, all the weights had been reracked. I can’t wait until this coming Sunday. I decided to hit chest. Time to show this double duo what a real, strong woman looks like in the gym. Let’s see what she gots!!!? Lemme guess? Legs again?


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2 Comments on “Lemme Guess”

  1. JMC813 Says:

    Keep kickin ass F. You rock….they roll. I have been away from this whole WP place for a while but hope to be back a little more often. Good to see you are still holding it down.

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