Complimenting Baraka



I’ve trained along side a fit woman for years who once had biceps as big as my head (no joke). She is a personal trainer now, but was a professional for at least a decade. Compliments from her in the gym are rare~ believe me. She once told me her clients were intimidated by me. Yes… I liked hearing that there. In the gym, I want to be more than tough. Maybe the comment she made to me today wouldn’t seem like a compliment to most, but it definitely was.

Who doesn’t know that music turns me into a rabid beast in the gym? If you know me, you undoubtedly know that. When I’m lifting weights, I often feel like Baraka from Mortal Kombat (Tarkatan blades extended like it ain’t nobody’s business and ready for war). Music changes me. It is that simple. It has the power to increase my strength and endurance in superhuman ways. So here’s today’s compliment convo.

Nursel~ [taps my arm and motions for me to remove my headphones] “Woman… I need to start listening to some music!” [eyes wide as she’s looking down at me on the bench]

Me~ [super sweaty and zoned way out] “Yeah you do. Do you know that a guy I work with recently asked me if I listen to Justin Bieber to get motivated?” [looking very disappointed]

Nursel~ [laughing hard] “What?? And did you tell him you listen to 2Pac and Ice Cube!?!” [‘Cause she knows I listen to those guys amongst a peppered array of their contemporaries and new artists]

Me~ “Naw…. I didn’t tell him.”

This was an awesome compliment from a woman who knows what it’s all about in there. This was her roundabout compliment on my energy level and I’ll take it. She knows music drives me in mysterious ways. I straight *KILLED* it today and so I wasn’t one bit surprised that she noticed.

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