Be Stronger Than Your Excuses


Yesterday I posted a gym rant about focus. It seems that today I’ll be forced to eat my words. I have to admit that today was the first day in a really long time that my focus was a broken. Don’t get me wrong, I still put in a killer chest workout, but there was a guy in there that distracted me a little bit. It was a good distraction. This was actually worthy of my time and thoughts, because it wasn’t a shallow guy parading around in tiny shorts or a vain woman with her ass in the air.

Today was the first time I have ever seen a person with one arm working out. At first I had to give him a double or maybe even a triple take. He was on the other side of the gym being trained by a guy who looked like his twin brother. They were also working chest. By the time I was hitting my finishers, the duo had made their way to my side of the gym. There he was… sweating and pushing a 90 pound dumbbell with one arm. I stopped to watch. 

I took the time to say a few words to him which I rarely do. “No excuses,” I said and he quickly responded, “nope. None!” I told him, “good job. That’s awesome!” He thanked me. It seemed like he liked hearing that. He was really working. His will and courage was beautiful. I worked hard on the cable crossovers, but my mind worked even harder. All of the sudden I felt very guilty because I had two arms. It somehow seemed unfair. Maybe it was because I was sure he lost that arm upholding my freedom.

Several thoughts ran through my mind… How does he feel in the gym? If they are twins, they must have an unexplainable connection like my brother and sister which is why his brother is helping him regain both mental and physical strength. Why do I take my body for granted? Where did this happen to him? Was he born this way? Was it a bomb? What happened to him? I almost asked him, but I realized he comes here like me… to be nothing but strong and shut that other world out.   

He was a young, decent looking guy with one arm and heart so bright it burned. I give respect to people like him because he deserves it. It is people like him who are true champions… all bodybuilding competitions aside. He deserved the 2015 Mr. Olympia trophy. I’m sure he was a veteran. I wanted to thank him for his service, but I didn’t. For about half an hour, I felt really sorry for him. I felt sorry for him until I realized that he has more strength and power than I will ever have no matter how hard I train.

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