Trash-Talking Myself Works

You can find all kinds of articles online that will tell you that shit talking yourself is a horrible thing to do. The headlines read… “Need a Healthy-Attitude Adjustment? Stop Trash-talking Yourself” and “Eliminate Trash Talk for Greater Success.” They also say that “Trashing Trash Talk” will “Foster a Positive Self Image.” Do I believe that? I guess it may depend on who you are and what you’re doing?


For me, in the gym, I’ve discovered that talking shit to myself works. Last week, I conquered one of the biggest things holding me back in the gym using trash as a weapon. I’ve been having problems with the ligaments in my left ankle for a while now. I had this unrealistic fear that I just couldn’t squat anymore. I guess I thought my ankle would just up and give out and I’d take a dirt nap in front of everyone? Hey… That could still happen, but I got through that fear. 

One of the many things I love about lifting is that it makes your mind strong. Last week while I was leg pressing, I kept looking at the squat rack. I told myself “you’re seriously a fuckin’ joke! What’s wrong with you, you idiot!? You bench and deadlift. You’re leg pressing almost 500 lbs every week and your worried that squatting a measly 135 will snap you ankle? Really?? You’re a serious fuckin’ wimp. Get it together and get your ass back in the rack!!”

I got super pissed off at myself, walked my ass straight over to the rack and followed through. On my first set, I realized how silly I had been about my damn ankle. The squats felt good and light. I’ve been strengthening my ankle with exercises too. I also realized that this means I completed the trifecta of fitness (yes trifecta… Because it’s all about winning and getting these lifts down in the right order). I felt really proud of myself and super powerful that day.

Most women will only squat. Not me. Maybe I was meant to master the bench and deadlift first like the manly woman that I am. I want to be a well rounded lifter. The only way to do that is to not fear any lift and if need be, talk some mean ass shit to myself to get me through.

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