So not my Planet


••Looks like the new Planet Fitness opened in Santa Fe. The peeps on my Planet have been having fun with it. Tonight was spent watching all the colorful rants on YouTube. So funny. I guess beginners need to start somewhere. Maybe offering junk and having ridiculous rules is a way to keep particular peeps on their Planet permanently? A seasoned "lunk" who cared about making any sort of progress would quickly build TRAPS that their Planet couldn't contain.
Thank God for Mandrill's💜 and for meaty TRAPS••

Yes to pizza?
Yes to bagels?
Yes to candy?
Yes to silence?
Yes~on their Planet.
No to tank tops?
No to water jugs?
No to deadlifts?
No to T-bar rows?
No to squat racks?
No to real iron?
Yes~ on their Planet.
Well… that means…
No to any real gains.
So not *MY* planet.

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