Sit On This

Gotta love Deadpool and deadlifts take 2. I look like hell in this picture because I went to the movies after I set a new PR on deadz. Deadlift day sucks all the life out of me and well… I look dead, but the Pool didn’t mind. Nothing like tapping that CNS and making gainz eh? On my first take of Deadpool and deadlifts, I just had a grip of gym swag, but this time, I set a new PR and then Deadpool actually invited me to sit on his lap as a reward! I told him… “is that a Desert Eagle in your tight red suit or are you just really happy to see me?” Then he said… “I’m touching myself tonight” as he inhaled hot gun smoke after he killed 3 bad guys with one bullet (yes~ that’s a line from the movie). Hahaaa… Can’t wait to see this flick. I’m so there.


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One Comment on “Sit On This”

  1. So you! Hugs and blessings!

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