Powerlifting for Early Bodybuilding Progress

I’ve been looking at female powerlifting numbers… setting goals… working to continue making gains. ~F

Body Muscle Workout Guide

daniel stisenFor young Norwegian competitor Daniel Stisen, training experience began at his father’s own gym, where he learned the basics from his earliest teens until he was 20. It was during this initial period that he also learned the powerlifting techniques that won him a second place in the junior division of his country’s national powerlifting championships when he was just 17. It was also a significant period in helping him gain impressive size and condition to his back, chest, arms and legs two years later when he won the junior class in the 2002 Oslo Grand Prix. Since then, he has continued training at Harald’s Gym in the capital of Oslo.

Powerlifting for Both Size and Symmetry

Daniel’s rapid progress from junior to open class competition came with the expert advice of his father. “In my first competitions my father helped me a lot, with workout and diet tips. Now…

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