20 Years Passed


••Sharon and Felicia••

It was so good to see an old friend on my first day of outreach at the 2016 legislative session. I haven’t seen her in over 20 years. Unfortunately the photographs Thomas took of us came out super blurry, but I’m putting them up anyhow. I didn’t get to see Sharon for long because I was stuck in a marathon meeting most of the day. I’ll be back at the legislature on the 16th, so I hope to see her there again.

Sharon’s family owns a shop on the grounds of Santuario de Chimayo and I know it well. She and her brothers were always so creative… even in our youth. Sharon and her husband are both artists now, which is awesome. Check out http://www.blacketchedtin.com/. When you get a chance check out the video below which features Sharon Medina/Candelario in action.


••Sharon and Felicia••

She’s also into fitness! She’s a yoga instructor and owns Sacred Earth Yoga Studio in Chimayo… you all know how much I loved to hear that as a fitness fiend right!? I’ve always wanted to experiment with yoga, but my severe addiction to iron calls for unwavering devotion. I love to see my beautiful friend flourishing, still creative, radiating inner beauty, and fit!!! It was like we hadn’t skipped a beat.

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