Dead Valentine♥: It’s a Date!


••H♦Q... is missing from this movie... she's pro'ly wasting time on The Joker. A Deadpool pin was part of my H♦Q cosplay last year for the 2015 ABQ ComicCon.••

YeeeeaaaaahhhYaaaaah! I have a date with my Dead valentine on the “official” opening night in Albuquerque. There was actually an IMAX showing that quietly opened on the 11th, but by the time I signed in, all the good seats were taken. The 12th it is! I’m definitely a DC gal, but in this case, I can mess with Marvel. I can’t wait!!


••My ticket confirmation.••

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2 Comments on “Dead Valentine♥: It’s a Date!”

  1. Going to be fabulous. I’m going on Friday, if I can.

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