Mardi Gras Rose

One of my girlfriends is actually in NOLA tonight. Ang sent Anna and I some cool pics today. A few minutes ago, I sent her a pic of the little piece of Mardi Gras that was gifted to me tonight, on Fat Tuesday!

A sentimental and very tipsy man gave me a teary smile as he placed a paper rose under my windshield wiper tonight. We listened as he explained to me that he made paper roses even though he is 98% blind. He had on a neck full of beads and asked what color I liked. He passed me a strand. I said “you’re 98% blind, so I know you don’t expect me to show you anything for these,” and I laughed.

Here’s to wishful thinking on his part and a thoughtful strategy. I gave him three bucks cuz it was a rather crafty, smart approach. No (•)(•) for you though little man!!!


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