Dead Valentine♥: A Night Out on the Town with Deadpool


♥Before dinner at the Japanese Kitchen♥

Deadpool rocked out the IMAX theater in Albuquerque on Friday night. It was a full house and the movie was worth the wait, but I’m an anti-hero kinda gal. Good guys are usually fake!!! I only know a couple of good guys blessed with the realness. Everyone was in Deadpool gear on Friday night. It was a sea of red and black and it was totally bad ass! There was a super artistic lady with a booth at the SWPACA conference. She custom made me a Deadpool necklace to wear on my date with the hottest anti-hero to date! It was a gift to myself!!


♥Happy DV Day to me!! My cookie and my custom made necklace♥


♥Panoramic view of Albuquerque's Civic Plaza in my Deadpool gear♥

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2 Comments on “Dead Valentine♥: A Night Out on the Town with Deadpool”

  1. Whoo Hooo, I was waiting for this post. I agree:)

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