•Hands down~Best thing in Fort Marcy•

Against the plan for today, my workout was squandered in the Fort Marcy gym hell hole. Well… I made the best of it and still benched, but I needed the real deal. Years and years and years ago, that place seemed like an a’ight place to train, but fast forward close to a decade and a half committed to a big girl gym and… ommm yeah… not so much anymore. What a waste of 12 bucks!

The crowd there was seriously, seriously ridiculous. Someone should tell the poor peeps that it doesn’t work if you just flop around like a spaghetti noodle or choke yourself out with the bar. It was like a sardine can in there too. The weights are horrible and the form people had was even more horrible. It’s rather old and dirty as well. I felt like there should be a lunk alarm for us. Mike said it reminded him of gym fails.

It was a real sacrifice on chest day for my son. Tomorrow Daryn plays in a basketball tournament for 1st place with his team. He and his friend Rich got a chance to practice more while we worked out. I guess it was also a testament of sorts to my ability to tune it all out and grind. One good thing about hitting it there was I was stronger than all the boys (except 1) and on top of the food chain.


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