Sangria and Gains


••7 Gallons of Sangria••

Last night was a night for a grip of home crafted sangria, steaks and the outdoor fireplace. What’s better than a high protein meal for gains and some cheaty drank? My brother was in Pagosa and “casted” an invite, but it’s so hard to miss the gym these days. I’m a bad addict and it’s a good thing! Elaine and I were laughing about it at the gym. She’s the same way. I guess that’s normal for us. Some people who don’t understand think it’s weird.

We debated going to Pagosa for a drive by on Saturday morning (just for one night)… but opted to hit chest instead (as usual). It seems to be my favorite day now. I’m really pushing for a plate and a quarter on the bench… plus I didn’t want to miss squats today. My friend Elaine told me “you should go. You should just go.” I told her “yeahhhhhh… So you can stay here making gains without me?” We laughed and then last night she sent me this meme. So funny!


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