Big Girl💪: A Fitness Script


••I've made gains since this pic was taken, but this was around the
last time I saw Eddie in the last quarter of 2014.••

Today’s true story…

Me: (looking real angry and shrugging)

Eddie: (motions for me to take my headphones off and listen to him)

Me: “Yeah?”

Eddie: (eyes looking hella wide) “You’re bigger since the last time I saw you in here.”

Me: “Omm… Yeah. I am.” (feeling messed up because I’m thinking bigger in an unflattering kind of way and let’s face it, women aren’t really complimented for being bigger in Normalville, which is where I spend the majority of my day)

Eddie: “No… not bigger…” (making two semi-circles with his arms at each of his sides) “…bigger!” (raising his guns and flexing them)

Me: (feeling way better, relieved and rather proud on shoulder and trap day) “Thanks!”

Eddie: “You take this stuff really serious ha? You don’t mess around ha?”

Me: “Yup and nope!”

Eddie: “The second you start lifting heavier than me, I’m leaving.”

Me: (laughing as I put my headphones back on blaring a Trance Anomoly mix by DJ Snow to hit some heavy, rolling barbell shrugs)

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