Shoot ‘Em Up!


I went shooting with boys this weekend. There were a lot of people out there. We shot off over 300 bullets and had a blast blasting liters of soda that we shook the hell out of. At first I thought it was wasteful, but then Mike reminded me that “it was junk anyway” and we were basically saving people by ridding the planet of that crap.



I hadn’t gone shooting in a while, but I didn’t do to bad at all. I shot Mike and D’s MK22 SCAR and AR15 M4 COLT. I even impressed the boys by blowing away our only golden egg on my first shot with Rico’s 44 Magnum. The golden egg was a small, full propane tank. I hit that target and then walked away like a boss with the boys up in arms!!




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8 Comments on “Shoot ‘Em Up!”

  1. Fun day out and love your tattoo.

  2. p2d2 Says:

    The boys have some nice hardware! Is the six-shooter, a Ruger? BTW your tat looks pretty awesome when your shooting!

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