The Heart to Run

I knew I did good on the bench yesterday when I received respect from two different men following my workout. Slowly, but surely, both my technique and strength are improving. Alan and Forest have been in the gym for years so they know (very well) what strength looks like. Technically, Forest has reached manhood in the gym since his family actually owns Mandrill’s Gym.

Yesterday each of these men delivered respect to my bench. Alan told me “your bench is strong Felicia” and I knew he must be impressed because he had told Mike that about me recently. Then, when I was leaving, Forest asked me “was that a plate you were benching today?” I smiled and said “actually… a plate and a dime,” then he gave me an impressed look with a thumbs up and said “that’s good. That’s a lot!”



I’ll have to admit, it makes me feel like I’m improving in there. It can be hard to see improvement when you train day in and day out and maybe can’t see your small, yet significant progress clearly. This pass time, hobby, sport, labor of love, that I’m obsessed with is predominantly run by men (and a few women), but I’m showing the men that I have the heart to run with the best.

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