Zombies Have Hearts Too


Three frozen hands in "Zombie Punch"

It is so worth it to make my son’s smile light up when we do special things for him. I had fun gathering creepy treats for his Call of Duty- Black Ops III- Zombies themed party. It was a just for fun get together for he and his friends. They had a blast! I got tired, but seeing my son happy made it worth it. As an only child, he craves the company of other children his age. I was surprised he had such a good turn out with one day notice to parents, but who can pass up a video game party?

There were about 10 kids. It’s funny, but when children get together, they mysteriously gravitated away from the addictive video games. What a shocker! One of the boys brought Jelly Belly’s newest edition of BeanBoozled and it was straight comedy watching them challenge each other. I embedded a video below. In addition to gaming, they actually played football, tossed throwing stars, played with Nerf guns and played hide-n-seek.

We had a good time, but I was like… thank heavens I only had one!! Poor my jito! Dear lawd… how did they do it back in the day?


Invitations designed for my♥


Snack table and gift bags for the kids.

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2 Comments on “Zombies Have Hearts Too”

  1. What FUN! I’m so glad everyone had a good time:) I’m an only child and so was my mom. I’m SO happy I’m an only…believe me. Reallllllly happy about that:)

    • ~Felicia~ Says:

      Really?? I worry about it all the time. Like… I feel bad for only having one, but I talk to him about it a lot. Thanks for sharing that. It makes me feel better!

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