It is so good to know genuine people who have such good hearts. If you throw thoughtfulness, beauty and fitness into that equation, that makes someone even more special. Thank you to Christina for thinking of me on Mother’s Day weekend. She is gorgeous, fit and super creative. Even though she wasn’t at the gym today, she knew I’d be there, so she sent me a gift with her husband.

Her husband is a personal trainer who delivered me a handcrafted, amazing gift today from one mother to another. It was a clear box housing a homemade sugar cookie beehive. I got buzzed!! Hahaaaa. I told her husband… “tell her these are unbelieveable and awesome. Thank you and that I’ll owe her a few pounds for this!!” He laughed. Good hearts are hard to come by.


**Christina's Sugar Cookie Beehive**

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2 Comments on “Buzzed”

  1. oldpoet56 Says:

    It is very true that a kind and decent Soul is something to cherish.

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