Making Moves

I finally got my workout schedule moved around after several weeks. Sometimes, it’s good to see things at a glance. I’m constantly experimenting to see what works best for my body. First it was trying to separate out the days between deadlift, squat and bench… then it was adjusting to twice a days for the summer… now it is separating shoulder/trap day from chest day.

I’m still not sure if working shoulders on Fridays at the end of my workout week was hurting or helping my bench on Saturdays at the beginning of my workout week? Since I’m focusing on my bench most right now, I need to keep experimenting and making moves. This is what my schedule looked like this week. I took Thursday and Friday off from work and didn’t make my PM goals yesterday and today. Oh well… there’s always next week!


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One Comment on “Making Moves”

  1. Blue Velvet Fitness Says:

    your schedule is so cute!! keep going on !

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