Custom Shred for LockNess’s Ma


**2nd Row Tix! Yeah!!**

My friend Marlene is prepping for her son’s fight this Friday night. She asked me to throw a custom shred on the black tee shirt she’ll wear for his fight. I hope he kicks ass!! I’ve done a few shreds for different peeps over the years and many, many for myself. I think this one will look good with a white tank underneath.


**Mar's Shred Txt**

We are going to see King of the Cage on Friday too. I found out that Fred’s son is fighting and Fred trained us way back in the day. Now he owns his own gym in Santa Fe. I’ve heard both Ness and Jess are good fighters. It should be a fun night and we are staying up there to hit the gym in Albuquerque on Saturday.


**Before and After**

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