Liquor Induced Creativity 

Paint Nite with the gals was fun. I think that I could host a private paint night some day because I have all the stuff! Our instructor was hella funny though and she was “como muy dirty!” Hahaaaa…. Here are a few snaps from that night. The theme was “Heavenly.” I had all kinds of ideas in my mind’s eye before we got there, but I guess the whole point is to get buzzed while getting instruction. It was an interesting experience for sure!

|•• Carmen, Britney, Gail and Felicia ••|

|•• Felicia and Carmen ••|

|•• Fun with Signs ••|

|•♥ Second Hearts Suck ♥•|

|•• The End People… You Don’t Have to Go Home, but You Can’t Stay Here ••|

|••My Painting Progression… One Shot… Two Shots… Three Shots… Four! ••|

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