In Memory of Inez Tulk 

My friend Elaine’s cousin lost her life tragically this month. Her life was taken by someone whom should have loved and protected her. I didn’t know Inez personally, but when I designed this flyer for her, I thought about her a lot. She was beautiful. I thanked her for her service to our country, as she served two tours of duty in both Iraq and Afghanistan. I also thought about her four boys she was forced to leave behind and the hole they will feel for her for the rest of their lives. Something like this happened in my family in 2005, so I know these feelings all too well. 

If you live in Santa Fe, please visit the bake sale Elaine’s family is holding at the Bad Ass Sandwich Company this Sunday. If you live farther away, you can visit the •GoFundMe page for her children•. Her services are tomorrow. May she rest in peace.

–>Click on the flyer to see the text better.

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