SS Yoke

●》Billy’s Bar《●●

One of the guys in the gym tore his bicept recently deadlifting. Instead of missing squat days as of such, he bought himself and shared with all of us a new bar. I’ve seen most testing the new bar out on either squats or good mornings.

It definitely has a different feel. It’s heavier and I think it put a little more strain on my spine when I went heavier on squats. It’s cool though and nice to try new equipment. I’ll likely stick to the old skool Olympic though.

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3 Comments on “SS Yoke”

  1. I hope you’re friend is doing okay. I hope you are as well. I just bough a couple Harley Quinn Graph Novels and a cool figure, I couldn’t resist. I’ll probably put her picture on my blog. I’ve been thinking about and talking about you in Comic book stores:) I’m going to see Suicide Squad tomorrow. Again. Well wishes to your friend. ❤

    • ~Felicia~ Says:

      That’s awesome!! I just saw a cool short at Spencers that had a lace up bsck and said “property of Joker” in gold letters. Even though in real life have never been anyone’s “property” I loved it, but they didn’t have my size.😭 That movie rocks! You’ve been taking about me in comic books??? What? How cool is that? On your site?? Where? I’m shopping, but want to see when I get home. My friemd… I checked on her yesterday. She said she starts treatments on the 14th. I’m going to be here for her. Thanks for asking.❤

    • ~Felicia~ Says:

      Ohhhhh…. stores. Not stories!! Lol. Nevermind. I was like wow! I didn’t even l pw she wrote comics lol.

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