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Not Always Super

September 20, 2017

I thought my new Superman toy looked good on my dashboard today. Good and symbolic… with one arm.

Remember the Name

May 10, 2016

Spent the night downloading Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown tracks. That’s my movie as of late. It’s a five year old movie, but it still kicks some major ass. It stars and was directed by Michael Jai White… probably my favorite real life bad ass. What happened to Spawn?

White isn’t just a good actor, he actually holds black belts in nine different fight styles and has been training in the martial arts since he was seven years old! If you don’t remember his name, you should. This is an awesome song and and awesome compilation from the movie!!!

Finally… 2016 ABQ ComicCon Pics

March 11, 2016

I finally got together all of our pics from the 2016 ABQ ComicCon! It was in January. We had so much fun this year. The costumes each year just get better and better! This was the first year that we watched the cosplay contest. That was so much fun. We laughed and cheered our heads off. This year, Hellboy was there in the uncostumed flesh. Ron was a real hoot on his panel. My nephew was the only person I saw who made his very own Hellboy costume. I got up in front of everyone and asked Ron Perlman if he would like to see my nephew’s cosplay. He actually took him on stage and everyone cheered. I could tell Ize felt super proud. My sister said he was just like me. He thought of the entire costume himself. He should have entered the contest, but he was being shy. When he went on stage (which none of us expected)… it all happened so fast and I took a picture of the dang wall. Sad, sad, sad face! My nephew was like “really auntie?” This conference is always a blast!








Dead Valentine♥: A Night Out on the Town with Deadpool

February 14, 2016

♥Before dinner at the Japanese Kitchen♥

Deadpool rocked out the IMAX theater in Albuquerque on Friday night. It was a full house and the movie was worth the wait, but I’m an anti-hero kinda gal. Good guys are usually fake!!! I only know a couple of good guys blessed with the realness. Everyone was in Deadpool gear on Friday night. It was a sea of red and black and it was totally bad ass! There was a super artistic lady with a booth at the SWPACA conference. She custom made me a Deadpool necklace to wear on my date with the hottest anti-hero to date! It was a gift to myself!!


♥Happy DV Day to me!! My cookie and my custom made necklace♥


♥Panoramic view of Albuquerque's Civic Plaza in my Deadpool gear♥

Dead Valentine♥: It’s a Date!

February 8, 2016

••H♦Q... is missing from this movie... she's pro'ly wasting time on The Joker. A Deadpool pin was part of my H♦Q cosplay last year for the 2015 ABQ ComicCon.••

YeeeeaaaaahhhYaaaaah! I have a date with my Dead valentine on the “official” opening night in Albuquerque. There was actually an IMAX showing that quietly opened on the 11th, but by the time I signed in, all the good seats were taken. The 12th it is! I’m definitely a DC gal, but in this case, I can mess with Marvel. I can’t wait!!


••My ticket confirmation.••

•♥My Dead Valentine♥•

February 2, 2016

♥♥♥♥♥CAN'T WAIT!!!♥♥♥♥♥


•• Yours truly as♦Harley Quinn♦in January of 2015. A Deadpool pin was part of my cosplay last year for the 2015 ABQ ComicCon. Gotta ♥ muscular comic book characters. I sort of ♥ my TRAPS in this pic too. I've been working them hard for a whole year since this pic was taken, so I know they are even bigger now! Yeah!!! ••

Sit On This

January 18, 2016

Gotta love Deadpool and deadlifts take 2. I look like hell in this picture because I went to the movies after I set a new PR on deadz. Deadlift day sucks all the life out of me and well… I look dead, but the Pool didn’t mind. Nothing like tapping that CNS and making gainz eh? On my first take of Deadpool and deadlifts, I just had a grip of gym swag, but this time, I set a new PR and then Deadpool actually invited me to sit on his lap as a reward! I told him… “is that a Desert Eagle in your tight red suit or are you just really happy to see me?” Then he said… “I’m touching myself tonight” as he inhaled hot gun smoke after he killed 3 bad guys with one bullet (yes~ that’s a line from the movie). Hahaaa… Can’t wait to see this flick. I’m so there.


Bleeding Truth

January 7, 2016


A person’s actions bleed a truth
that the mind is never ready to
accept and the heart was never
willing to reveal.


2016: The Fire~ Part 2

January 6, 2016

So what happend to me that’s worth mentioning during my last 8 days of 2015 and my first 6 days of 2016? I am always so thankful for the gym because a couple of days before Christmas, I had two very hard days. I actually went back to my natural eye color (ditched green) and contemplated dying my hair pitch black. I can’t afford to have my emotions get the best of me when what really deserves to get the best of me is the iron. So what did I do? I used the energy that I discovered was being wasted to make gains.


••On December 24, 2015... My Christmas gift from Amanda made its first appearance in Mandrill's Gym.••

On December 24th, I was extremely enraged in the gym. My heart was filled with fire and I could feel the flames scorching my eyes. That afternoon, Yolanda randomly asked me if I was mad at her. I wasn’t mad at her. People frequently think I’m mad at them in the gym, but I’m usually not mad at all. Call it driven. Call it serious. That particular day…call it fury or enflamed. After I killed squats, I reassured Yolanda that my fire had nothing to do with her. I literally couldn’t walk after that squat session until at least the 28th.


••On one of the last days of 2015, I made some fake "shake and bake" with whole almond meal. It was healthy, organic and delish!••

On Christmas Day, I almost stayed in bed. I figured maybe I should… I didn’t feel good after all. Thank God for my challenging nephew. He had slept over and was shocked to hear about the potential rest day. He was like “Ooooo… I thought you were hard core?” He made so much noise about the potential rest day that I changed my mind and hit it up. Yes… on Christmas Day!! Like I said… Thank God for my challenging nephew who kept my ass in check that day. I went in and straight murdered my shoulders and TRAPS while everyone else’s kept shrinking.


••Been loving my new Oso Elite Collars. Since I've been on fire, I thought about ordering red ones that were custom engraved with "she devil," but went with purple (which I know some people HATE) and my name.••

For years I’ve been able to bench a plate on the Smith. It’s been at least a year since I cut the Smith completely out of my workouts with the exception of standing calve raises. Being enflamed helped me get a 35 free weight for a strong 12 reps and a plate for a strong 6 reps. The owner of my gym is there working from like 6:00am until like 9:00pm, so I questioned him about female strength. I wanted to know how many woman he’s seen bench a plate. Looks like there are four of of us and most of them can only get it for 3… so…


••Ohhhhh.... Yeah... Now that's what I'm talking 'bout. Wish I had a good pic of me wearing my long Deadpool socks. I guess red will be my color in 2016. #fire••

On the second day of the new year, it was Deadpool and deadlifts. I’m inching closer to a 205 deadlift. I scored an awesome Deadpool outfit and I deadlifted 185 for 6 reps. My goal for the first quarter of 2016 is to lockout 205 for 3. I have a strong back and I want to continue to develop my strength. Before Christmas, I was struggling, but pulling the whole stack for facepulls. The fire helped me pull the stack (200 lbs) like nothing. I hit that shit for reps of 15 easily.


••It's Deadpool Bitchez!! He's a lifelong member of the NRA (Never Real Anyway).••

I guarantee that 2016 will see a side of me that has never been completely revealed. I will fan the flames, feed the rage, engage the heat, and welcome the smoke. Fire is a precious thing. Lesson of 2015… Fire should always be used to burn those things which are worthy of your time and energy. Or… If you feel so inclined, as firefighters do, it may suit you better to pour a big ass bucket of water on your fire and simply put that shit out. It is easier for those who are scared to get burned, but not me, I breathe fire bitchez.

Harley: Up in Flames

August 1, 2015

xx Custom gym shred by Felicia xx

Gotta love the newest rendering of my doppelgänger… Harley. On this tee, she is going up in flames holding a burning photo of her beloved Joker. I love it! It’s perfect. Of course I threw a custom gym shred on that bad girl right quick! Fit chick from Florida told me that she loved my new shirt. The other day I told a Tibetan big boy that he loved comic shirts too cuz he is always wearing them. He said “oh yeah,” and I told him “except I like the bad guys” and he laughed. He is always sporting the good guys. I also scored these new Deadpool sweat pants. They look sweet! The most exciting news is that my shoulderz are getting more cut!!!


xx Deadpool rocks!!! xx

Deadpool Special Entertainment Weekly Cover For Comic-Con Released!

July 5, 2015

Glad to hear Entertainment Weekly finally stopped calling him a superhero!! ~~~★F

Capes and heroes!

There have been some speculation about the special issue of Entertainment Weekly that will be available at San Diego Comic-Con and what will be on the cover. Well, the speculation is over and here it is!


Deadpool hits theaters 12 February, 2016

//Markus Mattila


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Sum Jacked Azz Deadpool

July 2, 2015


The new Deadpool movie will be rated R and the release date will coincide with Valentine’s Day 2016! That’s a win-win. It is just so ridiculous that people and media outlets who know nothing about Deadpool, keeping calling him a superhero (yeah~ Entertainment Weekly, get it straight). Superhero? Ommmmmmm… Nope! If you don’t know that Deadpool is the best jacked 💪 antihero, you should pro’ly skip the flick. He would love that I’m going to straight murder my shoulderz, trapz, biz and triz tomorrow. Love me sum holidays in the gym and the jacked azz antihero. Deadpool will pro’ly be better than Suicide Squad!


The Good, the Bad and the Bicep

May 25, 2015

“If a woman can’t have
everything she needs, at
least she can have a
good gun show! That’s
all that matters anyway
right? Yup… big guns.”


•••My right arm with Deadpool in the back and Superman and Wonder Woman sharing a fake ass kiss on my shirt lol. He knows he needs his Poison.~ May 2015•••

Well…the results are in. I took photos on Saturday (before I hit the gym)! In late March, I started a tough training plan intended to grow my biceps more in 6-8 weeks. Read my post~ Friday Night Pump for a look back at my thoughts at that time. I will say that the plan worked.

These photos clearly demonstrate success and I am happy about it. I have created a (one year) bi photo progression. There are some consequences tied to overtraining smaller muscles though. I would highly suggest supplementing with glucosamine and omega3 if you try the plan I did.


•••HAS IT GROWN? Here's my one year photo progression. More veins in my forearms too!!!•••

Here’s a link to the article in Physical Culturist by Clay Hyght. The Complete Guide to Biceps Training triggered my plan. For 6 weeks, I hit my biceps on three non-consecutive days per week and they did grow. I did tons of hammers, preachers, reverse, and barbell to the nose curls.

The article is a good read. It discusses the importance of the brachialis to maximize the peak. My peak grew a tiny bit, but the width of my arm and the length of my bicep changed more. According to Hyght, this is the beginning of a higher peak. I’m on my way to a bigger peak.

Who Am I? Rack Your Weights or Beware of the Angry Woman

May 16, 2015


There is a significant amount of mental preparation involved when deadlift day rolls around. I get sweaty palms and I feel anxious as I start drifting to that far away place. I’d say part of my pre-lifting ritual involves pissing myself off. Maybe having people I don’t like around helps tick me off? It helps!! I will say that some people drive me to push the beast out much harder and much faster.

Stepping into the hex bar today, I quickly realized I would be in a non-friendly lifting competition with another woman. She was on the squat rack pretending she was my friendly neighbor and I was on the next rack over for deadz. Over the years, said woman has done everything possible to make most people in the gym dislike her. She presented a challenge (not I) and she went at it, but I went harder.

We both started with a warm up by stretching it out and using just the bars. When we began the push/pull process, each of us took turns incrementally stacking the weights on. She squatted… I deadlifted… She squatted… I deadlifted. She watched me. I watched her. My mind screamed “let’s do this,” and I’m sure she saw fire in my eyes. “Keep going,” I thought… “You wanted this, now be ready to bring it!”

On her last set she loaded a plate on each side. I waited to see if she would move up because I had passed her at a plate and a quarter. She took the plate down strict for 6 and I pulled a plate and a quarter up strict for 12. Then she headed across the gym to hit hams. I did a few more sets to show her who runs shit because I had a feeling she wouldn’t come back. She stayed watching though.

At this point I don’t have to say that she avoided the squat rack like the plague. I won that comp… hands down! I was burning. I already felt like punching her in the face when I realized she never put the plates on the squat rack away. Why did I care? Well… lately I’ve been noticing that woman load weights and don’t put them away. It bothers me. I’m sure men do it too, but I don’t notice. It really ticks me off.


At this point I’m thinking “if this chick doesn’t take those plates off, I’m going to walk over there and tell her something.” Why should women get away with doing that? If you want to lift… LIFT and quit being a lazy lifter. When I’m working out and the power hour which follows my workout, are the scariest times of the day to talk to me. I have serious guts, feel extremely cocky and I’m brutally honest.

It wasn’t enough that I had already taken her to church, I had to approach her about the weights. I could feel my skin getting red when I made my way over to her and her sorry excuse for a leg press. My lips wanted to spread and say… “Are you seriously using wraps for that shit? Please!” I held that in and said… “When you’re done with the squat rack, I need to use it for rack pulls.” That was my diplomatic way of saying put your shit away.

Have you ever seen the look on someone’s face when they are trying to act totally confused, but you know damn well they are lying? Yeah… It was that look. She said… “Ha? I’m done there now. I don’t know who’s that is?” Without hesitation and with an I’m seriously set to kick your teeth in from this high angle look on my face I said… “the weights are yours.” I stayed looking in her eyes. People hate that! How could she deny that she had put the stupid little pad on the bar to protect her tiny traps?


For a moment I grew nervous thinking she would challenge me. In that split second, I hoped not one ounce of doubt was visible on my face. Before that thought was lost she said… “I’ll put them away.” No time after that, there was not a trace of the 45z or the pad. I was like… “that’s what I thought LoL.” Call me a gym bully, but I’m not. If you knew her you would understand. It takes a lot to get on the side that brings the mean me out.

There are two points to this story.

•••1) If you want to challenge me in the gym, don’t be surprised if I make you eat that challenge with a cherry on top.

•••2) If you challenge me in the gym and don’t put your weights away, beware the Red She Hulk. I’m really not sure what she’s capable of.
Check out this video posted by “BUFF DUDES.” I love it. It’s titled “GYM CRIMES~ Worst People You’ll Meet at the Gym.

Lemme Help You

April 17, 2015

••Meme by Felicia••

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