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Not Always Super

September 20, 2017

I thought my new Superman toy looked good on my dashboard today. Good and symbolic… with one arm.

Remember the Name

May 10, 2016

Spent the night downloading Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown tracks. That’s my movie as of late. It’s a five year old movie, but it still kicks some major ass. It stars and was directed by Michael Jai White… probably my favorite real life bad ass. What happened to Spawn?

White isn’t just a good actor, he actually holds black belts in nine different fight styles and has been training in the martial arts since he was seven years old! If you don’t remember his name, you should. This is an awesome song and and awesome compilation from the movie!!!

Finally… 2016 ABQ ComicCon Pics

March 11, 2016

I finally got together all of our pics from the 2016 ABQ ComicCon! It was in January. We had so much fun this year. The costumes each year just get better and better! This was the first year that we watched the cosplay contest. That was so much fun. We laughed and cheered our heads off. This year, Hellboy was there in the uncostumed flesh. Ron was a real hoot on his panel. My nephew was the only person I saw who made his very own Hellboy costume. I got up in front of everyone and asked Ron Perlman if he would like to see my nephew’s cosplay. He actually took him on stage and everyone cheered. I could tell Ize felt super proud. My sister said he was just like me. He thought of the entire costume himself. He should have entered the contest, but he was being shy. When he went on stage (which none of us expected)… it all happened so fast and I took a picture of the dang wall. Sad, sad, sad face! My nephew was like “really auntie?” This conference is always a blast!








Dead Valentine♥: A Night Out on the Town with Deadpool

February 14, 2016

♥Before dinner at the Japanese Kitchen♥

Deadpool rocked out the IMAX theater in Albuquerque on Friday night. It was a full house and the movie was worth the wait, but I’m an anti-hero kinda gal. Good guys are usually fake!!! I only know a couple of good guys blessed with the realness. Everyone was in Deadpool gear on Friday night. It was a sea of red and black and it was totally bad ass! There was a super artistic lady with a booth at the SWPACA conference. She custom made me a Deadpool necklace to wear on my date with the hottest anti-hero to date! It was a gift to myself!!


♥Happy DV Day to me!! My cookie and my custom made necklace♥


♥Panoramic view of Albuquerque's Civic Plaza in my Deadpool gear♥

Dead Valentine♥: It’s a Date!

February 8, 2016

••H♦Q... is missing from this movie... she's pro'ly wasting time on The Joker. A Deadpool pin was part of my H♦Q cosplay last year for the 2015 ABQ ComicCon.••

YeeeeaaaaahhhYaaaaah! I have a date with my Dead valentine on the “official” opening night in Albuquerque. There was actually an IMAX showing that quietly opened on the 11th, but by the time I signed in, all the good seats were taken. The 12th it is! I’m definitely a DC gal, but in this case, I can mess with Marvel. I can’t wait!!


••My ticket confirmation.••

•♥My Dead Valentine♥•

February 2, 2016

♥♥♥♥♥CAN'T WAIT!!!♥♥♥♥♥


•• Yours truly as♦Harley Quinn♦in January of 2015. A Deadpool pin was part of my cosplay last year for the 2015 ABQ ComicCon. Gotta ♥ muscular comic book characters. I sort of ♥ my TRAPS in this pic too. I've been working them hard for a whole year since this pic was taken, so I know they are even bigger now! Yeah!!! ••

Sit On This

January 18, 2016

Gotta love Deadpool and deadlifts take 2. I look like hell in this picture because I went to the movies after I set a new PR on deadz. Deadlift day sucks all the life out of me and well… I look dead, but the Pool didn’t mind. Nothing like tapping that CNS and making gainz eh? On my first take of Deadpool and deadlifts, I just had a grip of gym swag, but this time, I set a new PR and then Deadpool actually invited me to sit on his lap as a reward! I told him… “is that a Desert Eagle in your tight red suit or are you just really happy to see me?” Then he said… “I’m touching myself tonight” as he inhaled hot gun smoke after he killed 3 bad guys with one bullet (yes~ that’s a line from the movie). Hahaaa… Can’t wait to see this flick. I’m so there.


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