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Tapped Again

November 15, 2017

I’m always burnt after deadz… cns… so tapped. I can say that if Ms. Bott, MSc.CSCS has deadlifted, she wouldn’t need “clear applied scientific information” to confirm. This is a good article otherwise. I guess looking less than dashing is ok on deadlift day ha? I do put in work!


Central Nervous System Fatigue: Effects on Speed, Power Athletes


Burn It Baby

August 2, 2017

I’d say this article is rather close to my training philosophy. It’s a worthy read.


How To Lose Fat Without Losing Muscle… Burn Fat,
NOT Muscle


Biometric Brain Boggle

May 22, 2017

This is an interesting article that was published in Harvard Business Review this month by Anthony Rjeily and Charlie Jacco.

“Passwords Are Terrible, but Will Biometrics Be Any Better”


June 4, 2016

“Heartache is
simply understanding
that things change.”
~♥~ Felicia


This is a good read:
10 Things Heartbreak Teaches Nothing Else Will

Progressive = Strength and Endurance

March 31, 2016

It’s amazing how just focusing on words has so much power. I recently had the word “strength” inked on me and I envision the word all the time now to draw on that which I’ve been permanently marked with. That hasn’t been the only word I’ve been focused on lately, particularly in the gym.


I want to grow. I want my body to keep changing, therefore, I’ve been bringing the word “progressive” into my mind regularly while lifting. Progressive as in progressive overload. If you want to grow, if you want your body to continue changing, you have to challange it to make progress. It has been working for me.

Envisioning these words has given me the power I need. I have the strength to dig deeper. I have the strength to push through for five more reps… to add 10 more pounds… to shorten the time it takes me to run a mile. Since I’ve been back in the gym after work (for round 2) and doing cardio regularly, I’ve shaved 4½ minutes off my time running a mile.


Fitness starts in and is driven by your mind. Today the owner of my gym was apparently having the men’s restroom renovated. I was deadlifting close by and completely oblivious. The gym crowd was mortified by a smell I didn’t even notice. I think that was a testament to how trained my mind is right now. It is just me and my unstoppable mission. My mind is right and it’s unbelieveable how focused it’s become.

Here are two great articles and a video about progressive overload. I plan on staying on this mission until my very last breath.

Progressive Overload Is the Holy Grail of Building Muscle and Strength | King of the Gym

5-Week Program for Progressive Overload | Muscle & Fitness
Muscle & Fitness

Eat More Protein

March 21, 2016

Eat More Protein To Build Muscle And Lose Weight (Article originally posted on Gymaholic)


Strong: Rules to Live By

March 7, 2016

On March 4th, 10 RULES OF THE INSANELY STRONG by Matt Kroc of T-Nation came through to my inbox. Physical Culturist always  publishes the greatest articles. These rules are ones to live by. I loved that this article came through a few days before I’ll have the word “strength” inked on me… added permanently to my skin archive.



February 22, 2016

I absolutely loved this article that I recieved in my inbox today. Down with stereotypes. We can be many, many things… never limited by the box that is drawn around us. ~~•Felicia

Posted on: February 22, 2016
Posted by: Physical Culturist
Article by: Dresdin Archibald
for Breaking Muscle


411 on the Smith

December 16, 2015

The Smith seems to be a comfortable place for people who are new to the gym to start, but if you’ve been there long enough, you know that nothing beats free weights. I use the Smith machine for standing calf raises. That’s it. This article from my WordPress feed is spot on about changing attitudes with regard to using the Smith. I’d say rack pulls should be done in the rack! Right?

The History of the Smith Machine by Conor Heffernan


These are also good reads…

What’s Wrong With Using The Smith Machine For Squats?

6 Exercise Machines You Should Do Without

CasePerformance: Free Weight Squats vs. Smith Squat Machines

Archivists’ and Records Managers’ Identities

August 13, 2015

This post is a good read. I completely agree with #2, as #1 is a reflection of professional ignorance! The articles cited at the end are interesting as well.

Archivists’ and Records Managers’ Identities – Two Opinions: Different Species or United as One?.

Omg!!! Anonymous!!!

June 12, 2015

In April of 2012, I wrote an important piece titled Blood Diamonds: Tragic Riches. I have never been a woman who is obsessed with diamonds and gold rings and things, and in that piece I explain why. It is important to learn about and women should beware of conflict diamonds. 

I can’t say how honored I am that the Anonymous Headquarters is now featuring the digital composite I created for that piece in 2012 on their web site. They have used my digital composite to coincide with an article they published this year about blood diamonds! Awesome!!!!!

Anons first won me over when they launched Operation Darknet in 2011, but what they did to help that 16 year old girl in the 2013 Steubenville rape case against football players was straight heroic. I really think it is awesome that they picked up my composite to go along with yet another weighty problem.


•••Created by Felicia in 2012•••


Artificial Intelligence, Deep Neural Networks and Deep Learning: Oh My!!

May 26, 2015

♥In Love with Technology♥

I can’t explain how much I love learning about technological breakthroughs. I’m not scared in the least bit by much when it comes to the forefront of intellectualism. I recently read a hard copy article in the May 2015 issue of The Economist titled Artificial intelligence:
Rise of the machines. The byline says… “artificial intelligence scares people—excessively so?” Really? What a bunch of wimps!! People continue to fight enlightenment, progression and change to stay in boxes they have built. Not me.

At a speech in October 2014 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a scholar said that artificial intelligence (AI) was “summoning the demon.” People are paranoid that machines will take over in employment’s race for productivity. With industry powerhouses like Google and Amazon buying AI start-up companies, maybe human worries are justified? We will just find other jobs right? It’s called perseverance.


•Photo I snapped while reading the article in the library.•

Will computers continue to replace some of the things that people normally do? Probably. I loved this quote. “The torrent of data thrown off by the world’s internet-connected computers, tablets and smartphones, and the huge amounts of computing power now available for processing that torrent, means that their algorithms are more and more capable of understanding languages, recognizing images and the like.” Why didn’t I visit the San Diego Supercomputer Center many years ago when I had the chance? I also could have ditched my conference last October to go there! Now that would have been a real memory to cherish!

The article in The Economist said “signs of the AI boom are everywhere.” Google recently paid $400 million for DeepMind. Have you ever heard of DeepMind? If not, you should so check it out!! Pure awesomeness if you like video games. Just Google it and see. There is also a great article in The New Yorker which discusses how deep neural networks operate. Deep neural networks are used by companies like DeepMind. These artificial networks are much like the neural networks in the human brain. It is amazing to read about.

The newest form of AI tied to deep neural networks is now capable of “deep learning!” Computers can learn through the analysis of large amounts of data using algorithms. Freak out on the algorithm Facebook recently deployed. Did you think you were anonymous in that untagged photo? Think again… DeepFace “can recognise specific human faces in images around 97% of the time, even when those faces are partly hidden or poorly lit.” I want to be that smart and write programs like this. It’s not fair!! Male engineers created DeepFace and I give them tons of respect, but why are intelligent women often seen as  domineering? That’s not fair either.


•Smart Woman Army•

Another thing I found interesting in the article was that since most data is labeled by humans, and algorithms need that data to learn better, another race is on. It is a race to develop “unsupervised-learning” algorithms. This way, the need for human labeling is basically eliminated. How accurate will it be? I guess we will see. Artificial neural networks were invented in the 1950s by people with big brains who wanted bigger, faster, more accurate brains! I lovvvvve brains!! I am so not turned off by them!! Haha… These smart people were simulating the neurons and electrochemicals in a human brain to create artificial intelligence. It worked!!


♦"Just watch! Imma make my perfect woman!" (Dr.J before the chemical waste accident that birthed The Joker and this is not Harley Quinn)♦

If you are a brave fellow intellectual and enjoy all things mind blowing, you should read the article in The Economist. It so so worth the read. You can also learn about the interesting problem with AI. Do you know the one thing people can immediately identify that a computer simply can’t define? Porn… Yes… pornography. I guess machines provide plenty of access to porn, but don’t ask a damn machine to intelligently recognize porn lol. We can leave that type of analysis to the humans!

Fit No Matter What

May 19, 2015

On Monday I was only able to get in a bit of fitness time while hiking around a petroglyph preserve. That meant that I had to workout today! I have a lot of stuff going on at work through the end on the fiscal year, so making time for the gym on some days will be next to impossible! That won’t stop me though. I’ve come a long way to take any steps backward.

Fitness is also important to relieve stress. Last night it rained hard all night, but today it was beautiful after work so I hit it outside. Not long ago I collected a bunch of great weights. I thought I was approved to have a workout space outside at work. For “liability reasons,” that fell through. One day state government officials must realize that a healthy workforce would save money and improve productivity.


•••Stiff Legged Deadlifts•••

I ended up with the back end of my 4 runner filled with weights after that. I brought the weights home to the already existing outdoor fitness spot. Today was leg day, so I hit it outside and got in a decent workout. I rep’ed it out with squats, plié dumbbell squats, lunges, wall sits, calve raises, leg extensions, stiff legged deadz, and hamstring curls. It was a good workout and I needed it.

Today my boss told everyone at our meeting that she had a dream I had my own fitness show on TV. I wish lol~ I thought it was straight comedy that my addiction is infringing upon her dream world! I loved it!! My comment to everyone was “you know I’m a fitness addict if she can dream that right?!” *Lots of Laughs*

Read the article in the “Healthy Living” section of the Huffington Post ~~ “Outdoor Exercise: Health Benefits Of Working Out Outside. This article is a good read. It is so important to stay fit no matter what!!


•••Cleaned up the outdoor spot today after a good leg workout. This is a small weight bench, but there is an Olympic bench on the other side•••

Tony Hillerman Literary Landscape Writer’s Series

May 17, 2015

Next Saturday I’ll be working a kickoff for the Tony Hillerman Literary Landscape Writer’s Series. The series kicks off with a birthday celebration in honor of Tony Hillerman’s 90th birthday where Anne Hillerman will sign her newest book, Rock with Wings.

The party will be hosted by Larry Ahrens a Producer and Creative Director at Studio 34 Broadcast in Albuquerque. Ahrens is on The Morning Brew and is well known as a morning show host. He was on KKOB Radio for over 25 years.

There were two stories in the Albuquerque Journal today. There are links below. I was both honored and upset by the photo of Anne Hillerman that the Albuquerque Journal ran today. I took the original photograph and I’m not sure what in the world they did to it?!

I also included a link to a post I put on my site in December of 2014 about this creative photo work I completed for Anne Hillerman. I guess I’m glad they didn’t give me proper credit in this case!! Oh well~ I’m looking forward to working this series though.


Original photograph by Felicia

Tony Hillerman Literary Landscape Writer’s Series begins with birthday celebration honoring late author
By Kathaleen Roberts
Albuquerque Journal
May 17, 2015

Santa Fe author Anne Hillerman continues mystery series starring Navajo cops
By David Steinberg
Albuquerque Journal
May 17, 2015

Creative Work for a New York Times Bestselling Author
By Felicia Lujan
My Voyage Through Time
December 20, 2014

Friday Night Pump

April 10, 2015

Tonight I’m getting pumped up for tomorrow by watching my favz train (♥Lindsey Valenzuela, ♥Bradley Martin, ♥Joey Swolls and ♥Devin Physique) and listening to music. Starting tomorrow, my workout schedule begins on Saturday instead of Sunday. I’ll be hitting back/tri and chest/bi on the weekend days. The Saturday return will be a great way to allow more time to focus on my new bi workout plan.


•Bradley Martin (Dat Bi Doe)•

An article by Clay Hyght titled The Complete Guide to Biceps Training was recently published on my favorite web site (Physical Culturist). For 6-8 weeks, I will hit my biceps three non-consecutive days per week to see if I can grow them more. This means tons of hammers, preachers, reverse, and barbell to the nose curls. The article is a good read and discusses the importance of the brachialis to maximize the peak.


When I found this gif tonight on Lindsey Valenzuela’s Twitter media feed, I got pumped. She is working out while she’s jamming Truffle Butter by Nicki Minaj x Drake and Lil Wayne. That song has been working for me too. I do warn that it is explicit, but it works! Zero to 100/The Catch Up by Drake rocks too!! Can’t wait for tomorrow!! I’m gonna wreck my back and triz.

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