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June 12, 2014


Take me there…
To the place where stars
uncross just to collide.
Night sky unwrapped
where heavens hide.
Take me there…
To eternity in moon
kissed breath.
Planets off course
despite death.
Take me there…
To wish upon a star
one snowy night.
Flakes fall to Earth
as you hold me tight.
Take me there…
To the place where stars
uncross just to collide.
Night sky unwrapped
where heavens hide.

by Felicia Lujan
June 12, 2013

Galileo the Heretic: Science and Scripture

December 30, 2013

Yesterday I watched a movie I checked out at the LaFarge Library about Galileo Galilei (1564-1642). The movie is based on the book Galileo’s Daughter by Dava Sobel and is titled Galileo’s Battle for the Heavens. I came away feeling so sad for this unbelievable man. He was constantly at odds with religious officials with regard to his pursuit of knowledge, still he remained a pious and obedient Catholic.

Galileo was considered a heretic in his day. For at least three decades he risked his life to study our universe. He was actually a hero of knowledge who continues to inspire contemporary scientists and freethinkers. The dictionary defines a heretic as a “person believing in or practicing religious heresy.” Was he really a “nonconformist,” a “nonbeliever,” a “pagan,” or a “heathen?” Maybe some think he was?


During the 17th century and even later, freethinking was really frowned upon. You could be burned at the stake for partaking in scientific, mathematical, and other studies! Galileo lived in a time when a book of banned books was kept. It makes me sad. I have to be thankful that I am alive today. I can express my opinions openly. My century is far from perfect, but I am in a much better place than Galileo was in relation to my consumption and sharing of knowledge.

The movie I watched was perfectly titled Galileo’s Battle for the Heavens. I found myself wondering if God could really frown on the discoveries made by Galileo? Though he was basically haunted by the Holy Office for several decades, he never turned his back on the church and at times was even apologetic for being smart. The movie touched on: his career as a professor/mathematician at the University of Pisa (1589); his explanation of the tides (1595); his experimentation with a pendulum/natural accelerated motion and balls/inclined planes (1602-1604); his observations and sketches of the lunar craters and mountains of the moon (1609); a demonstration of one of his telescopes (1609); his discovery of the four moons of Jupiter (1610); and his research on sunspots (1612).

The secret archive of the Vatican dates back to 1612. I realized how close this was to some of the most important discoveries made by Galileo when I looked back at a post I wrote last year. In 2012, I wrote about the religious archive and the trial documents of Galileo in a post titled 400 Year Old Archive: Secrets of the Vatican. At that time, stated that the Vatican secret archive contains 50 miles of shelving. Now I am curious how much of those documents are related to Galileo’s studies of the heavens?

Galileo facing the Roman
Catholic Inquisition in a
painting by Cristiano Banti


For at least 30 years, the Holy Office/Inquisition had a firm hold on one of the most intelligent men to ever walk the Earth. From 1611 until his death in 1642, poor Galileo was muffled by religious officials. Why? It is hard for me to understand and frankly, it makes me feel embarrassed to be Catholic. I think religious groups still suppress knowledge to some extent for if we have wings, we can fly. I can only imagine what his unhindered soul could have become?

By 1616, the Inquisition believed Galileo’s theory that the sun centered the universe was “absurd in philosophy and formally heretical.” He was summoned to Rome by Urban VIII in 1632 and was told that if he didn’t appear he would be “arrested and brought to Rome in chains.” In April of 1633, the formalities of the Inquisition were in full force and the “father of science” was detained by the Inquisition for close to 20 days. At the end of that detainment, Urban VIII decided that Galileo would face imprisonment for an undeclared amount of time. He was threatened with torture, and eventually sentenced to house arrest for the remainder of his life.

It is unbelievable that Galileo was forced to endure physical suffering while he was under house arrest!! In 1634, the genius was suffering from the pain of a hernia and asked the Holy Office for permission to leave his home to visit a doctor in Florence. His request was denied and he was told that if he asked again, he would be imprisoned once again. Even after he went completely blind in 1638, the Inquisition did not return Galileo’s freedom. He was granted permission to attend church on Catholic holidays if he didn’t speak to anyone. So sad.

At 77 years old, Galileo became seriously ill. The year was 1641 and a heroically smart man was silenced and blind. He died in 1642. With his death came the loss of a heavenly mind. I believe in God. I believe I am a good person. I believe in Heaven. I find it really hard to believe that God saw it right to prosecute a man who only treasured knowledge. I understand that his pursuit of scientific knowledge was contradicting scripture, still I find it hard to believe that my God accepted the things which were done to Galileo. Maybe I will never understand??

**Additional reference used~ The Galileo Project/Galileo Timeline/Rice University.

If the Stars Were So Aligned

October 5, 2013

Coordinates just right,
they would fix and
parallel with Aries fate.
If the stars were so
aligned, a touch of
heaven wouldn’t wait.

by Felicia Lujan


*Celebrate Geek Week*

August 8, 2013

***Celebrate Geek Week***

Smart people rock!!!

~~~YouTube Geek Week~~~
August 4~10, 2013

I took the YouTube Geek Test and it said my
IQ was 187! I’m killin’ ’em wit’ the 187!
No pun intended.  😉

It’s official!” I’m a geek.

The results of my YouTube Geek Test!

The results of my YouTube Geek Test!

 Check out the
My Voyage Through Time
YouTube Page
and the vidz of some
of the geeks I adore below!

Geek Week Promo

David Ferriero
Archivist of the United States

Neil deGrasse Tyson
Astrophysicist and Science Communicator

Stephen Hawking
Theoretical Physicist, Cosmologist, Author

Natasha Trethewey
United States Poet Laureate

Boris Vallejo
Fantasy Artist


June 15, 2013

When the stars are bright may our paths collide? Interweave? Walk side by side? When a wishing star makes her fall from grace, may I open my eyes and see your face? When Aries gives of his inner light, just take my hand and hold on tight. When the stars are bright may our paths combine? Intercept? Walk side by side?

~~~~•» Felicia Lujan
~~~~•» 6.15.2013

Seduce the Moon

January 11, 2013


~The Sun And The Moon (1987) by Boris Vallejo~

~The Sun and The Moon~
by Boris Vallejo

I like to think that the moon is there
even if I am not looking at it.

~~Albert Einstein

The lunisolar date is 1.11. I could not ignore my number, the symbol, and the signs on the eve which brings the first new moon to 2013. How could I disregard the rare synchronization of the moon and sun? How could I snub a tiny moment in time when the sun is actually capable of caressing the path of the moon? It would seem to be coincidental to others, but there is an underlying connectedness. To some it may be just an astronomical glitch visible in the western horizon, but to me it is extraordinary. On this day the sun and moon will share the same longitude, still they will never actually touch. It seems that the sun will perpetually fail to seduce the moon.

After work, terrestrial bodies continued to adorn my mind. Lost in the stars, I blindly fondled several CDs while in line at Whole Foods. Still seeing stars, instinctively I picked up the CD of a musician I had never heard of. Why did I reach for a disc with the word “moon” on the cover? The disc of newbie Phillip Phillips rendered me conscious and so I read on. I decided I should buy The World from the Side of the Moon when I flipped it over to read the track list. How could I not acquire a disc which listed track 1 as “Man On the Moon” on the night of the 1st month of a new moon on the 11th? Phillips sings about watching “the world from a side of the moon,” while “looking at the sun.”

James A. Notopoulos published The Symbolism of the Sun and Light in the Republic of Plato in 1944. The paper was featured in Classical Philology (Vol. 39, No. 3) and focused on the moon and sun as symbols. These symbolic, distant orbs were studied using myths and poetry. Notopoulos said “symbolism is inherent in the very nature of thought,” and that “language itself is symbolic; when insight grasps meaning, it expresses it through the written word, which is an image of thought.” It was interesting to learn tonight that “Plato developed the emotional and intellectual association of light.” Notopoulos’s paper goes on to discuss light as a symbol of knowledge and the divine. The author also puts forth the notion that “the moon derives its light from the sun through reflection.”

Cosmology and the nature of the heavens affects how I interpret symbols, signs and synchronicity. Indeed these may be simplistic thoughts that I merely complicate. Maybe these things mean nothing at all? It is always hard to know all of the answers in the mystery of life. One thing is clear to me. The poet Hermann Hesse once said “we are sun and moon, dear friend; we are sea and land. It is not our purpose to become each other; it is to recognize each other, to learn to see the other and honor him for what he is: each the other’s opposite and complement.” Even though the sun may never seduce the moon, in someway they may connect astronomically.

Follow the Stars

November 16, 2012
Glow in the dark stars catch the blue light on the wall beside my bed.

Glow in the dark stars catch the blue light on the wall beside my bed.

Dreams are like stars~ you
may not be able to touch
them, but if you follow them
they will lead you to your
~Author Unknown

My Sun Symbol and Special Things

September 5, 2012

I will love the light for it shows me
the way. Yet I will endure the
darkness for it shows me the stars.
~Og Mandino

~~Sun Wind Chime~~
The sun is one of my symbols and after
taking the photo, I realized that another
of my symbols is in the background~ bird.
That is a bird house that my son Daryn and I
made together and then painted last summer.

On Tuesday I had a surprise visit from my godmother. She dropped by my work to bring me a birthday gift. I love that my friends and family know me so well. I did adore every single thing I was given this year. When I opened her gift, I couldn’t believe that there was yet another of my symbols~ the sun. Her gift included light (in the form of a large cherry scented candle) and a silver wind chime (with a sun face). So funny… The chime was small and sounded beautiful. I am one of the rare people who would say that the absolute best present I received came in the form of paper. I always say I am such a nerd, but I do love it! After I opened my gift my aunt Rita turned to me and said “and…….I have been wanting to give you these.” I stood silent as she pulled a blue booklet and aged paper from mid-air. She opened each and shared them with me. My first words were “this is the best birthday present I was given.” The two items belonged to my maternal grandmother who has passed away. The 5 year anniversary of her death passed only days ago. It is also her birthday on September 24. My godmother had given me my grandma’s original diploma and marriage license. These are two items I have never seen and that I do not have in my archival collection of family papers. What a gift…. I am smiling just thinking about it. I think my grandma would be happy to know they were given to me. She knew how much I adore history~and simply just how much I care.

~~1933 Public School Diploma~~
The diploma belonged to my maternal
grandmother Corina Valdez.
She graduated in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


~~1933 Public School Diploma~~
The diploma belonged to my maternal
grandmother Corina Valdez.
She graduated in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


~~1941 Marriage License~~
The license belonged to my maternal
grandparents Filadelfio Garcia and Corina Valdez.
The certificate is a civil marriage record and
was recorded in Mora, New Mexico.

Winking at the Blue Moon

August 31, 2012

Today the amazing Perianne posted more lovely words on her site titled Astrology Mon Ami. Perianne wrote a piece titled Pisces Full Moon: Continuous Incarnation, which was tagged with Chiron in Pisces, Pisces Full Moon, Uranus square Pluto, and Virgo Sun. I loved this piece about tonight’s rare Blue Moon, and I connected with it. Her piece was posted extremely close to my birthday (Virgo Sun). When I get home from work, I watch CBS Evening News. I did not realize that the first man on the moon, astronaut Neil Armstrong was memorialized nationwide today? Maybe tonight’s rare Blue Moon is coincidentally linked to his memory, and then again maybe not? It will not happen again until 2015. This evening I tracked down the article on the CBS Evening News web site where I found more on the public tribute in Ohio for the first man on the moon. Those is attendance were asked to “wink at the moon” in honor of his memory. Of course you know I did just that. I shot a little over 20 seconds of video to document the Blue Moon over Santa Fe, New Mexico. On this peaceful evening I gazed up into the night sky through clouds and trees. The moon was magically bright and receptive to the crickets singing a song of departure from this great planet.

The Hemingway Archivist: Connection and Disconnection

July 4, 2012

***Gellhorn and Hemingway***
Digital composite by Felicia Lujan.
Includes one historic photo and
a map of the constellations- symbolic
of connection and disconnection.

I absolutely adore anything thought provoking. On July 1, 2012, I had a great comment submitted by “spoonbeams.” This woman is a former archivist who had come across my post Whiskey Dreams: Inside the Mind of Hemingway (May 10, 2012). I have included our comment string into this post because it is worth a read.

Whiskey Dreams was my post about Ernest Hemingway and his vast archive called The Hemingway Papers. In that post, I talk about: reading further into signs than I should; digital initiatives with the Hemingway Papers involving over 6,000 personal letters; the mind of Ernest; his death being a tragic loss to the literary world; his escape and submission to a dark fate; and the fact that I could be madly in love with a dead guy. I had a few interesting comments on the post.

There was one from “Rhonda” on May 10. Rhonda called Hemingway a “tortured, artistic soul.” Then on May 22, “robert87004” mentions James Mitchener, a friend of Hemingway who “paints a somewhat different picture” of the man while they were in Iberia. According to robert87004, Mitchener’s writings divulge Hemingway as a man “trying to live up to his self-image.” But I guess that’s what we are all attempting to do right? Below is the great comment string between “spoonbeams” and I.

I am so amazed that out of millions of pages of digital information, she found me and that she found that particular post. The following thread is all about connection and disconnection. Do I read too much into things? Or does everything happen for a reason? You decide… I know I connected with a wonderful woman about this.

It was fascinating to learn from her that Martha Gellhorn insisted that all of her correspondence with Hemingway be deaccessioned (or removed) from his collection. I had to say something to her about that today. At the end of her last comment, spoonbeams gave me a “thumbs up” on my latest poem titled Canvas of an Artist. It was a poem about forced disconnection.

Following is our string…

spoonbeams Says: July 1, 2012 at 6:41 AM

Hi — My mouse passed over your square on someone’s blog and “archivist” popped up and I had to look further. I organized the EH papers at the JFK library back when. It seems like so long ago, but it still is a highlight in my life. Seems like you enjoy archiving as much as I. Yes, it’s quite possible he wrote that many letters — maybe more.


flujan Says: July 2, 2012 at 11:17 PM

Wow!! You get a gold star for being the first person attracted by the word “archivist!” What is your name? Haha! You actually processed the Hemingway Papers? How cool is that? And in the JFK Library??? Wow!!! I can’t believe it?!! If I didn’t believe in signs- I would think it strange we have crossed paths. JFK and Hemingway— two signs of mine that are now fading— two historical figures I have connected to and now unfortunately I seem forced to disconnect from them. I would have loved to process those papers. I can’t believe you have found me?? It was meant to be. I work in New Mexico (a state repository). I am the Archives Bureau Chief, and have been with the agency for well over a decade. I do adore being an archivist and I am obsessed with history and the arts. It was my calling. You were a lucky woman to get to work in such a great library and on such a great collection. What are your thoughts on Hemingway? Was he insensitive? You- if anyone would have an up close and personal perspective on a great writer through his correspondence. Did he really love Martha G?


spoonbeams Says: July 3, 2012 at 5:08 PM

Yes, processing Hemingway was a blastt — and working at the JFK Library was special. It’s been a long time tho since I’ve been immersed. I left the library in ’83 and moved on to other things. I do think he was very sensitive and easily offended, but I wonder if he ever truly thought about the sensitivities of others. And yes, I do believe he really loved Martha and all his wives and perhaps a few other women, but not necessarily faithfully or for long. I’m so surprised that there is a movie now about Martha and EH. I was on leave of absence from the library when she came and removed all her letters to him from the collection because she did not want to be connected with him in any way. I heard it was quite dramatic. I know lots of others like us who really love being archivists and getting deep into a topic. He was certainly an exciting topic! Thumbs up on today’s Canvas of an Artist.


flujan Says: July 4, 2012 at 12:02 AM

Oh…. I can only imagine! That sounds so very interesting. Technically, you are still practicing a form of immersion through the art of conversing. That is really sad to hear about Hemingway, though I knew that would likely be your response. I’ll bet I could talk to you for hours?! If you are ever in New Mexico, look me up and we can have coffee. Your last comment has me thinking of exploring what it means to be a soul mate. I do wonder? If we change and grow as people, it may explain Hemingway’s continual search for his perfect match. Maybe there is more than one? Maybe a soul mate depends on what someone connects to or does not connect to at a particular time in their life? I think too much obviously! It’s just sometimes things are so very hard to understand? Why would such a great man kill himself? I was amazed to learn what you told me about Martha requesting a deaccession of her letters from the Hemingway Papers. I also find it interesting that you specifically say that “she did not want to be connected with him in any way.” Poor Martha- she was obviously just upset with him and so she made the dramatic scene. The sad part about that is no matter how hard she tried to erase all the physical and paper connections to him, there was still the one connection that she likely took to her grave in 1998— it was the one in her mind. Thank you for your preservation work on letters which will expose the real man behind the public persona. Without a doubt his personal letters shed light on his love affairs, and some very intricate souls. Also thank you for provoking my thoughts. I love that!


Other Hemingway Links:

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and Gellhorn by Felicia Lujan (June 10, 2012)

Three Awards from Sahm, Abby and Joanna

June 26, 2012

Awards for My Voyage Through Time- May thru June 2012

I want to say thank you to three writers who have taken the time to acknowledge my web site. Sahm Ataine King, Abby Rae, and Joanna Baguio. On May 23, 2012, after reading my post “Tough: Training Your Mind for Battle” (May 22, 2012), Sahm Ataine King (The Arkside) awarded My Voyage Through Time with the second Versatile Blogger Award. In his post he says “one of my favorite blogs is My Voyage Through Time. The person who runs this blog, Felicia, is a very striking, and engaging, blogger. Her work touches on science, philosophy, life, the Arts; in short, she offers a very diverse mix of topics most worthy of discussion on a consistent basis.” He is an author who loves the darkness, and he has a great site as well. I am working on a deeper analysis of beauty for him, and hope to complete that soon. He will then look at a few solicited perspectives on beauty for his own analysis. For this award I was asked to share “7 random things about myself.” On June 3, 2012, after reading my post “Captured Without Sword: Symbolization in Snow White and the Huntsman” (June 2, 2012), Abby Rae (Abbyrae33) awarded my site with a Sunshine Award. Abby asks for a list of some of my favorite things. I love Abby’s site. She offers a “Daily Horoscope,” and has a Pinterest link. She has some interesting explorations if you follow her “Addictions” and “Astrology” links. Her “Fathomed Thoughts” poetry section is also worthy of a visit. On June 21, 2012, after reading my poem “Want” (June 19, 2012), Joanna Baguio (Sweet Santuary) awarded my site with a Tell Me About Yourself Award. Hum? What to say? Joanna’s site was one of the first I was interested in when I started this site. She is an interesting woman. Some of her recent posts of interest were “Grimm TV Review,” 🙂  and “Apologizing with a Vengeance.” She also had love for “Once Upon a Time” like me, and of course who could forget her posts on Captain America and Thor! Sweet Santuary is a great site to check out. Joanna wants to know “7 things about” me that I “have not yet shared.” Thanks to all three of these writers- I appreciate it! In an attempt to satisfy all three awards, I will mash it up! Here goes…


Favorite Color~ BLACK
Favorite Animal~ RAVEN
Favorite Number~ UNSURE
Favorite Non-alcoholic Drink~ ZERO CAL ITALIAN SODAS
Facebook or Twitter~ NONE
My Passion~ MUSIC
Getting or Giving~ GIVING
Favorite Pattern~ SPIRALS
Favorite Day of the Week~ MONDAY
Favorite Flower~ DANDELION

7 Things About Myself~

1…I love herbs and folk medicine. I use peppermint oil everyday.

2…I love to watch my fish when I get in bed at night.

3…I like to eat vegan cookies on the weekend.

4…I am a Mac and PC woman, but I don’t shop online.

5…I see signs and symbols all around me.

6…I often seek answers to useless questions.

7…I am lost without music, history, writing and art.

7 Worthy Sites ~

1…Teaching History Matters…

2…Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel…

3…Astrology Mon Ami…

4…ABQ Local Poets Guild…

5…Lyrics and Chocolate…


7…Paris Under Glass…

Lunar Bliss

April 20, 2012
Selene...Goddess of the Moon Appearing to Endymion

Selene…Goddess of the Moon Appearing to Endymion

Earthshine, a brightness
spectacular and keen.
Impact so deep with a lunar
bliss that is rarely seen.
Astronaut taste my gravity,
remaining heavy in your hand.
Open a portal to a blissful
mist in uncharted land.
Illumination of the soul,
licking frosting off the night.
Co-orbital, still opposites
in a never ending fight.
Ascend and regress my
little star, allow lunar
rocks to be kept. Brightness
built of sky and dreams,
watching as you slept.
Meteorites iced and heavenly,
they are molten with desire.
The dark side of the moon is
dark, still there is a fire.
Magnetic fields, my sun kissed
thoughts, waiting to be heard.
A tidal force is driven hard by
kinetic energy and words.
Solar winds, caress your
mind leaving illusions of
the moon. Reflect my spirit,
witness eclipse, and you will
surely swoon.

by Felicia Lujan_4.20.2012

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The Greek Titan of Intelligence

April 12, 2012

Koios and Phoebe in the Heavens_ Digital Composite by Felicia Lujan_ Includes 1 contemporary and 1 historic image (with a shadow and screen effect).


“Again, Phoibe came to the desired embrace of Koios.”

(Greek Epic- 4th B.C.)


Intelligence, wisdom, and knowledge- these are some of the characteristics which can be attributed to Koios (also spelled Coeus). Koios was the son of Father Sky (Ouranos) and Mother Earth (Gaia). As one of the 12 Titans, (the Titan of Intelligence and an elder god) his power was derived from knowledge. He was also a “keeper” of wisdom. The name Koios is representative of one with a curious mind, and/or one posing inquires and questions. As the Titan of Intelligence, it is likely that this titan referred frequently to the written word as well as oral histories while gathering knowledge.

KOIOS (or Coeus)

This titan was also the God of the Axis of Heaven. This is that axis on which the Greek constellations revolved. Some scholars believe that Koios was likely tied to heavenly oracles, and at times it is said that he “scaled the heavens.” Koios also came to be known as Polos, and was tied to the Northern heavenly axis. It is said that the ancient ones noted that this point was “marked by the star alpha Dra in the constellation Draco.” In one Greek Myth, the brothers of Koios were personified as exaggerated pillars. The pillars were intended to hold apart Heaven and Earth.

Hemisphaerium Boreale (Greek Constellations)

Koios was married to the Moon (Phoebe), and she was a Goddess with a prophetic mind (see this post Scholars believe that this duo represented the central source of knowledge and wisdom. Both Phoebe and Koios embodied the heavens. The eventual separation of this couple was tragic. Koios was also a rebel who once ruled the Earth with other elder gods prior to being conquered by the Olympians. Eventually, he was banished to the Underworld for his role in battles with Zeus and the Olympians. I have to wonder if they had books in the Underworld?


San Diego State University- College of Education-

Behind the Name: The Etymology and History of First Names-

The Theoi Project : Greek Mythology was created and is edited by Aaron J. Atsma, Auckland, New Zealand-

Dreaming of Diamonds with a Handful of Coal…

March 4, 2012
Heart Shaped Diamond

Heart Shaped Diamond


Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.

………..Edgar Allan Poe


Tonight, the new episode of Once Upon A Time was about one of the Seven Dwarfs and his love pains. The Seven Dwarfs are miners of coal and diamonds in the Snow White fairy tale. We all know fairy tales are simply improbable stories, so of course it was unfortunate that the little miner landed coal instead of a diamond. Symbolically, the episode was about darkness and light, which is typical of the series. I love all of the symbols these screen writers incorporate. The episode was riddled with symbolism (as they all are).

The Dreamy episode was about dreams coming true and not coming true. The writers used dark and light to convey the language of dreams. The story was about how Grumpy got his name. His name was Dreamy during the time when the woman he loved told him “you can do anything, as long as you can dream it,” and he believed it. What else would the woman’s name be but Nova right? She was a fairy for God’s sake! In her human form, her name was Astrid, which also has meaning. He smiled for a bit as he basked in the light of love, but quickly submitted to his familiar darkness once he realized his dream was impossible. When he accepts failure, he tells Mary Margaret (Snow White) that he was “just dreaming” anyhow.

Since Dreamy/Grumpy was a miner, he was accustomed to the darkness of the mine. He spent his days mining coal and diamonds to grind into fairy dust. I see coal as a representation of dark and disconnection. I see diamonds as a representation of light and the connection to something precious. Coal and diamonds are both carbon based, with the breathtaking gem coming from a rearrangement of atoms under high pressure and heat. Hum? Sounds a bit like love ha? To the ancient Greeks, the word diamond meant unbreakable. A diamond is also capable of capturing and dispersing light. Can a lump of black coal do that? I think not!! 🙂

Maybe the most powerful scene was when Mary Margaret’s (Snow White) candle is blown out. She walks alone, and sad in the dark. She may feel that hope is lost until a friend comes along with a smile, and uses another candle to give light to the darkness. Maybe the lesson in this episode is that when someone takes your light away, you need to relight your candle, and hold on to your dreams. It is a symbolic move from darkness to light.

Since I could write a dissertation about those things which intrigue me, I will keep it simple and look at the symbolism in list form. Following are those symbols I was able to derive from the Dreamy episode…

Symbols of light and connection:
**dreams coming true
**fireflies (nocturnal insects emitting light)
**candles (light/fire)
**surface (vs. the mine)
**the name Nova (a nova is the nuclear explosion of a star)
**the name Astrid (the name means beautiful Goddess)
**decorative lights for the Miners’ Day event

Symbols of darkness and disconnection:
**lost love
**the color of coal (black)
**dreams not coming true
**the mine
**Leroy (Dreamy/Grumpy) smashing the electrical transformer and taking the lights out

Symbols of flight/freedom, dreaming, and heavenly things:
**fairy wings
**the wings of a firefly
**fairy dust
**white clothing

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400 Year Old Archive: Secrets of the Vatican

January 31, 2012

Clip taken from a section of a document in the Trial of Galileo (1633). The document is in the Vatican's Secret Archive- Clip taken from Vatican’s Secret Archives turn 400 years old-

Today is the birthday of the Vatican’s Secret Archive, which dates back to January 31, 1612. The archive is full of amazing documents. Despite the colorful comments that can be found tied to the fact that the archive remains “secret,” this archive houses some of the most fascinating documents in the world. Documents in the archive have been made available with the pre-approval of authorities (of course) to academics and historians over the years. My guess would be that preference is given to scholars whom convey a positive image of the church. There are more than 50 miles of shelves in this archive. The records contained in the archives span 12 centuries of history. As an archivist who loves history, science, and the stars, my favorite documents housed in the archive would likely be those associated with the Trial of Galileo. He was a bit of a thorn in the side of the Roman Inquisition, and details of his 1633 trial are among the “secrets” this archive keeps. Galileo Galilei battled with the Catholic Church until his death in 1642. The church did not like him mainly because he was against the Aristotelian theory of the universe, and he favored astronomy and the Copernican theory. Artists have rendered interpretations (in various media) of his inquisition for centuries. It is a very interesting case! When you get a chance, check out this video footage about the anniversary of the archive at


Clip taken from a document is in the Vatican's Secret Archive- Clip taken from Vatican’s Secret Archives turn 400 years old-


*****Coat of Arms of the Holy See***** Is this a cryptogram? Things that come to mind... There are two keys- number 11? Why is one key gold and the other silver? The keys would open seperate doors, yet they are bound together by the handle and in the center (with a cross). I see the number 3 repeated 4 times in the crown. That equals 12. There were 12 Apostles. There were also several 12th-century Roman Catholic Church Councils. 12 is a symbol of cosmic order. "Europe's Apostasy and Idolatry The Flag: Do we see an 'ecclesiastical Babylon' in Europe? The European Union (EU) flag comprises 12 golden stars on a blue background. Officially it is claimed that the circle of 12 stars represents 'solidarity and harmony between the peoples of Europe', the number 12 denoting 'perfection, completeness and unity' (in the Bible, 12 denotes 'governmental perfection')."


Vatican’s Secret Archives turn 400 years old

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Within the walls of Vatican City is stored one of the most important treasures in the world, the Vatican’s Secret Archives.

Only a limited number of people can access documents kept here by the Catholic Church. It’s free to gain access, but only academics and historians are allowed and they must request authorization from the Vatican.

In 1810, Napoleon Bonaparte took over 3,000 documents to Paris. After his fall from power, the files over time made their way back to the Vatican. Although during these transfers, many valuable documents were lost, some of which were from the fifth century.

Today, 400 years after its creation, the archive has over 50 miles of shelving, filled with books, papal bulls, decrees and encyclicals that cover twelve centuries of history. Among its corridors, one can find documents like the parchment of acquittal of Clement V to the Templars, from August of the year 1308, and details from the trial of Galileo, as well as the request for a marriage annulment by England’s King Henry VIII.

To celebrate it’s 400th anniversary, the exhibition “Lux in Arcana” has been created. From March to September, visitors to Rome can find 100 documents from the Vatican’s Secret Archives on display in the Capitoline Museums.

Vatican’s Secret Archives turn 400 years old

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