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Watch “Bow Down and Check Yourself Remix by Flo” on YouTube

March 12, 2017

Ready for chest day…. here is a remix I made not long ago. I think I’m going to start making custom mixes for myself. Once they are on my YouTube channel, I can listen to them at the gym and take less room on my Touch.

Kill It!

August 30, 2015

💜💜 I can't live without my iPod. I took a photo of it when I put the last song on my "Kill It" playlist tonight. I'm ready for tomorrow!!💜💜

I think the most popular questions I get in and out of the gym are “what kind of pre-workout do you take” and “do you take pre-workout” and “are you on pre-workout?” Today I explained to my newest friend that I don’t need pre-workout anymore. I told her… “once you get your mind right,” and pointed to my head. All I need now is music, because music has the power to flip a switch in me and turn me into a beast.

Yesterday I started a new playlist that I so lovingly titled “Kill It!” Today I hit chest, shoulders and traps and I did just that… I killed it! Tonight I put the finishing touches on my newest playlist. Now I’m really ready to bring the heat on deadz tomorrow. There are 56 tracks of non-stop imma kick the shiiiiaat out of this music on that playlist. It was really about time I made a new playlist with straight fire on it.

My sis and her fella were laughing at me last night when I said it was the worst to be in a zone and then “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” comes on. That’s the worst!! Yes… I really do have that song on there (I have a 64 gig pod, so I have it all). Don’t get me wrong, I’m really a lover of all genres, but there is definitely a time and a place for each. Music can either soften or harden my mind, so I have to use certain music when I want to feel a certain way.

Bobby McFerrin, Norah Jones, Brantley Gilbert, the Weeknd, the Scorpions, and Deep Forrest have no place in the gym!! There I need Steve Aoki, Martin Garrix, David Guetta, Tiesto, Skrillex, Diplo, Ice Cube, Fetty Wap, Drake, Paul Wall, Remy Ma, 2Pac, J.Cole, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Three Six Mafia, Gangsta Boo, Lady of Rage, Crime Mob, and Waka Flocka Flame. I guess some music just makes me feel like a bad ass!!

The Four of Us Are Dying

July 21, 2014

Absolutely love this song. No words needed…Nine Inch Nails just know that “The Four of Us Are Dying.” This is an instrumental off The Slip album. Awesome to workout to!!


One Dream Come True

July 24, 2013
•• My ear candy dream shelf stocked with Beats by Dr. Dre ••

•• My ear candy dream shelf stocked with Beats by Dr. Dre ••

“Music expresses that
which cannot be said
and on which it is
impossible to be

••••~» Victor Hugo

Feelin’ Krewella

July 20, 2013

~Cover art on my iPod Touch for “Come and Get It”~ A Series of Krewella Remixes~

As it turns out, the new machine I told you about yesterday works awesome. I never would have thought so if I hadn’t tried it for myself. I got a great workout this afternoon while I watched music videos by Krewella. A friend of mine recently introduced me to Krewella and I have been hooked ever since. I like them even more now that I took some time to learn about the trio.

I do love me some talented writers. Krewella consists of two singing/songwriting sisters named Jahan and Yasmine, and their producer the “Rain Man.” The beats are indeed hard hitting and motivational. The lyrics these ladies write are laced with hot sexual innuendos which works to their advantage. The self-produced group has been around since 2007.

I’m actually kind of surprised that I hadn’t heard of them before. I do have a music archive with close to 15,000 songs and thousands of music videos. It is true that I am constantly looking for artists who satisfy my insatiable need for ear candy. Krewella was missing from that and I’m glad I learned of them. The trio has been pegged in the genres of dance, dubstep, synthpop, electro house, and progressive house, though their sound stands apart from others in these genres.

I look forward to hearing Krewella’s first full-length studio album. It is set for release this year in the month I was born by Columbia Records. Now that a major label has wittingly picked Krewella up, hopefully they will stay true to the sounds that have apparently set them on fire. I can’t wait to “Get Wet” in September!

Discovering… Kill Paradise

July 15, 2013
~•» My new, yet old Kill Paradise CDs. «•~

~•» My new, yet old Kill Paradise CDs. «•~

Most of you know that I’m an absolute music fiend. If I was stranded on an island off the coast of nowhere and I had to choose only one tool, it would be my iPod. Yes~ to me it is indeed a tool! I could not function without it and I’ve killed or lost many. I know I could choose a smart phone to “do it all,” but I prefer to have one tool devoted to my seriously addictive consumption of music.

That said, the genres in my music library are extensive. I have such a wide array of music, that most people would think I’m confused! If something makes me move, feel, sweat, breathe, fight, cry, taste, push, and dance, it’s a must have. I don’t really care what anyone thinks about what I like, as long as my music makes me feel something.

Not long ago I came across a video on YouTube which featured a song I really liked. I had no clue who the artist was or what the song title was, but I knew I had to have it! I employed the use of good ole Google. By searching for the lyrics, I discovered a duo calling themselves Kill Paradise. Because I liked one particular song off of their 2009 album, I decided to look into these artists. Of course I loved it when I saw that the lead man not only writes his lyrics, he also writes and produces the music. I admire that versatility!

Kill Paradise is comprised of two men. Even though I listen to all kinds of music, I had never heard of them? When I realized they were independent artists for a long time, I wanted to support them. Support the arts people! 🙂 You have to appreciate artists who stay true with regard to the music business. The men are from Colorado and their music is categorized as electronic, powerpop, indie, electronica, dancepop, and even rock (ha?).

The song that I absolutely love is from their 2009 CD~ The Second Effect. It’s called Fall From a Star and it’s awesome! After I heard that song, I supported the artists and ordered two CDs. They came in today and I picked ’em up right quick. It’s good “cool down” cardio music. The 2011 CD~ The Glitch has a few songs I liked so far. That title rocks by the way!! I’ll give ’em more of a listen tomorrow. I like Higher, Dreamwork, and Singing Into Summer’s Eyes.

Nick Cocozzella and Bryce Hoops are different and interesting to check out. Sometimes it’s nice to step out of the imaginary box. There are artists out there yet to be discovered by people who don’t just listen to who the industry deems good.

Lost on the Wind: A Spoken Poem by Felicia Lujan

July 11, 2013

An original poem and video footage
I shot of one of my many wind chimes.

Lost on the Wind

Maybe it is lost?

Absorbed by sounds of a winded chime.

There was a time when I could hold the wind.

Maybe it is lost?

Engulfed by flames and cast away.

There was a time when a breeze caressed my face.

Maybe it is lost?

Set free to greet the winds of change.

by Felicia Lujan

Fitness is Curative

May 16, 2013

This afternoon I had a horrible headache. I really started feeling it right before I left work for the day. When I got home, all I wanted to do was lay down and pass out. I tend to over think things and it can really be mentally exhausting. My eyes seriously felt like they were going to pop right out of my head!

I figured I would turn in super early and try to sleep off the pounding headache. Sometimes it’s torture for me to insist on dealing with aches naturally. I put on my headphones and started with some slow music by Tank. While I laid there I realized that a good sweat may be better for the ache. With a flick of the switch~ Fire Hive by Krewella got me up and out the door.

I was so right. A good workout took my headache away. I actually cranked out an awesome outdoor workout using: the wall (stiff legged deadlifts); a scaffold (pushups and pullups); pieces of flagstone (hammer curls and kickbacks); rebar (straight bar curls); a swing set (external hip raises and squats); and a lawn chair (scissors and crunches).

Next time you feel bad, try a workout. Sometimes we need to move in order to feel better. Now I will listen to Tank again and peacefully slip off into dream land. Fitness is indeed curative.

Ear Candy: The Killer Purps

April 5, 2013
~Felicia's new purple headphones (Beats Solo HD by Dr. Dre)~

~Felicia’s new purple headphones
(Beats Solo HD by Dr. Dre)~

I have been so impressed by ear candy over the last year. How did I ever live without real headphones? Laugh if you will but where I go— my genre blind iPod and headphones go. It was time to upgrade to the killer purps. My last set was black and red, but then Dr. Dre went and released his color line with King James by his side! This high definition sweet set has titanium coated driver technology for precise sound and distortion free bass. What can I say? This woman has needs!

Plato once said “music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” I do agree. It is natural for my body and mind to diffuse into sound. With music I get by, move forward, push harder, feel love, shake fear, become a fantasy, dry tears, and devour lyrics. My mind transforms with words and beats. Adrenaline provoking music is also critical to my workouts! I always have time for those things which make me feel alive.

~Dr. Dre and LeBron James~

~Dr. Dre and LeBron James~

Anticipation of Lyrical Candy

March 25, 2013

I have been waiting since 2012 for the release of Native, the third studio album of OneRepublic. Ryan Tedder is such an awesome songwriter. He is also the lead singer and a producer with skills. The new album was officially released last week in Germany. It is finally scheduled for release here in the US tomorrow! I can’t wait to hear the acoustic versions of a few songs. I have heard Feel Again and snippets of Counting Stars, What You Wanted, If I Lose Myself, and Burning Bridges. Love-love-love them all! Tedder and the other writers seem to pluck some of the lyrics right out of my mind!! What the?? I can’t wait to hear the full album. If you support these boys– trust me– you will not be disappointed.

The Hard Way

February 7, 2013

Wish Miguel’s 2013 Grammy performance would be Hard Way.

One of his best! This is an awesome, awesome, simply awesome song.

Waiting for the Sweet Sounds

February 3, 2013

On Friday I took the time to pull all of my old and new Donell Jones CDs together. He has to be one of my all time favorite RnB artists. Now there is one gifted man. There are not many artists that you can say bring it on every single track when they put a new album out.

I want to make a mix with some of the best tracks Mr. Jones has given us. At this point, I have a few ideas for a mix title. Today while I was exercising at the track, I combed through my mega Jonezzz list~ deleting the songs that I didn’t see fit for the special mix I want to create. While the cold chill brushed my cheeks I wondered what happened to Mr. Jones? How could such an awesome man just disappear?

There is one web site I check regularly for music news in this particular genre. Tonight I checked it and low and behold~ just a few posts down I discovered that Donell is indeed looking to make a major comeback in the first half of 2013. The post went up on January 31. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! I just can’t wait!!! Check out the video for Shorty Got Her Eyes on Me~~ That’s some pure awesomeness!

After hearing that song, if you still don’t believe that DJ has the love sounds on hot lock, take a look at the February 14th event scheduled at the Warfield in Cali. Blaqline Ent is presenting “Love Affair” on Valentine’s Day with Donell Jones, Teedra Moses, Musiq Soulchild and Netta B. Wish I could be there…

Ear Candy Tools for HeadFets

January 22, 2013

Women Headphones
Audacity-LogoYesterday the Audacity® team released a new version of the free, open source, cross-platform software for recording and editing sounds. Nice! Version 2.0.3 is now available for Windows®, Mac®, GNU/Linux® and other operating systems. If you are so inclined, you can also opt to build Audacity yourself, by downloading the source code.
This software is for all those people with a headphone fetish!!

Changes between 2.0.2 and 2.0.3


  • Crash using Undo whilst time-shifting a track.
  • Crash using Repair if the selection extended into an empty track.
  • Export Multiple didn’t prevent export if there was no audio or all audio was muted. This allowed export of small invalid files.

Time Track

  • Loop Play of a speeded-up track inserted silence.
  • Playback and rendering was significantly inaccurate, creating audible and visual glitches.


  • The mnemonics character “&” was read out by screen readers in most of the Preferences choices.
  • NVDA did not read static text in most dialogs. Text can now be read by using INSERT + B.
  • JAWS and Window-eyes misread the “Duration” control in Silence Generator.
  • Toolbar buttons could not be pressed by ENTER
  • Other interface bug fixes.


  • The SoX Resampler library (libsoxr) has replaced libresample in Audacity releases, offering both higher quality and greater speed. .

Time Tracks new features

  • “Set Range” now changes only the range of the Time Track, preserving the pitch/speed set by any existing warp points.
  • Vertical scale added with options for linear and logarithmic display and interpolation.
  • Upper and lower speed limits will now be remembered when saving and reopening a project in 2.0.3. Warp points in projects saved by previous Audacity versions will be correctly restored in 2.0.3.
  • Warp points saved in a 2.0.3 project will be preserved if opened in previous versions but playback and display will be incorrect.

New effects

  • Studio Fade Out (uses a filtered “S” curve).
  • Adjustable Fade (accessible effect for creating partial fades and adjustable fade shapes).
  • Bass and Treble (replaces Bass Boost).


  • Real sample rates up to 384000 Hz are now supported for playback and recording in high resolution devices (the maximum is up to 192000 Hz for Windows DirectSound host).
  • Labeled Regions in Edit Menu is renamed to “Labeled Audio” and now allows splits to be placed at point labels. Labeled audio regions that touch without overlapping are treated as separate regions. Overlapping labeled audio regions are treated as a single region.
  • New Croatian translation of Audacity.


  • CMake is required in order to build libsoxr.

Drafting “Midnight”

October 10, 2012

Mar~ I love, love, love you gurl! Today you gave me just what I was looking for. After we talked about memorable movie quotes and I looked at the list you sent me, my ideas started flowing like lava. I ended up going with the Dracula sound clips. Nice!! I am saving the best one (about the ocean) for a slow mix set. Why didn’t I think of that movie?! You lil vamp you! Tonight I drafted “Midnight” using Audacity. So far the mix features two Dracula clips, a Patsy Cline song, a Pitbull song, a Miguel Jontel song, and sounds of a heartbeat. I can always count on you Mar. You are awesome. Thanks!! 🙂 I can’t wait to finish.

~Drafting “Midnight” by F in Audacity~
(an open-source~cross-platform software)


Feelin’ Rita Ora

September 12, 2012
Rita Ora Rockin' Shades

Rita Ora Rockin’ Shades

Rita Ora Hittin' the Books

Rita Ora Hittin’ the Books

Today was the first day I heard four tracks off Rita Ora’s debut album. Ora has some hot flavor. I love this Roc Nation woman from the UK! Lou, BigC n BigL (tha DJPD Gurlz) you must check Rita O out. You will love her too! The song I have literally been listening to all afternoon and night is **Love and War** featuring J Cole singing “white flag.” Talent laced Ora has laid a perfect track with amazing lyrics! It is finally time for the song writing bombshell Rita Ora to be noticed here in the US. Her debut is hot and slammed three no.1z on the UK and Scottish charts. Jay Z knew what he was doing when he roped this lil Marilyn Monroe lovin’ powerhouse with a Skullcandy headphone fetish! Rita Ora— if you haven’t heard of her yet- she is a *keeper.

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